Kep1er’s Kim Chae Hyun Taken To Hospital For Health Concerns Ahead Of “Queendom 2” Finale

Kep1er’s Kim Chae Hyun was taken to the hospital for health concerns ahead of the “Queendom 2” live broadcast finale.

On June 2, Kep1er’s agencies Wake One and Swing Entertainment announced through the group’s fan café that Kim Chae Hyun would be revising her schedule for the “Queendom 2” live finale due to health concerns.

Read their statement below:

Hello. This is Wake One and Swing Entertainment.

Ahead of the ‘Queendom 2’ finale today, while continuously practicing to show fans the best performance, in conjunction with nerves for the competition, Kep1er’s Chae Hyun experienced sudden poor condition and is currently receiving treatment at the hospital.

Out of concern that she will become an inconvenience to her team, Chae Hyun is doing her best to recover because of her own strong will to partake in the final ‘Queendom 2’ performance.

After an in-depth discussion between the members, agencies, producers, and medical staff, we are currently adjusting the final performance so that [Chae Hyun] can participate. However, we want to announce that aside from the performance, [Chae Hyun] will inevitably be absent from the other activities scheduled for today.

We ask for the understanding of fans and associated parties. Thank you.

The announcement was made prior to the live broadcast finale of “Queendom 2,” which aired at 9:20 p.m. KST.

Wishing Kim Chae Hyun a speedy recovery!

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