Go Doo Shim’s Granddaughter Ki So You Adjusts To Jeju Life With Kim Woo Bin, Han Ji Min, And More In “Our Blues”

tvN’s “Our Blues” has shared an adorable sneak peek of the upcoming episode!

“Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama set in Jeju Island that tells the sweet, sour, and bitter life stories of a diverse array of characters.


One of the stories in “Our Blues” focuses on that of Hyun Choon Hee (Go Doo Shim) and her granddaughter Son Eun Ki (Ki So You). Previously, Son Eun Ki’s mother Oh Hae Seon (Min Ji Ah) brought Son Eun Ki to Jeju Island and asked her mother-in-law Hyun Choon Hee to take care of her. At first, Son Eun Ki had trouble adjusting to her new surroundings, and living with her grandmother who wasn’t as doting as other grandmothers wasn’t the easiest.

However, as disclosed in the newly released stills, Son Eun Ki will gradually warm up to Hyun Choon Hee and the people of Pooreung village.

The new photos warm hearts with Son Eun Ki’s adorable appearance. She has perfectly adapted to living in Jeju, and she even shows her cute side in front of Hyun Choon Hee. In a couple photos, the two family members are spotted having a contest to see who could hold their breath in the water the longest. They fill up basins with water and face each other with bright smiles under the brilliant sunshine.

More stills show Son Eun Ki having a blast with Park Jung Joon (Kim Woo Bin), Lee Young Ok (Han Ji Min), and more. They’re looking for the dolphins that she really dreamed of seeing, and she looks exceptionally happy as she fulfills her greatest wish. Moreover, Park Jung Joon and Lee Young Ok show their affectionate sides as a happy couple, making the scene more tender than ever.

The next episode of “Our Blues” will air on June 4 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, check out Go Doo Shim in “The One and Only“!

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