Jang Nara’s Agency Threatens Legal Action Against Malicious Posts About Her Fiancé

Jang Nara’s agency has warned that it will take legal action against malicious posts or excessive spreading of personal information about her fiancé.

On June 3, Jang Nara announced her plans to get married to a non-celebrity six years her junior. In her message to her fans, she explained that she did not wish to go into too much detail about his identity out of fear that he “might face discomfort at work because of me.”

The following day, Jang Nara’s agency released the following statement regarding her fiancé:

Hello. This is Jang Nara’s agency Rawon Culture.

We sincerely thank you for always sending [Jang Nara] so much interest and love.

We once again ask for your understanding regarding actress Jang Nara’s marriage news, which was announced yesterday.

Actress Jang Nara is currently preparing for marriage, one of life’s most important events.

As Jang Nara personally requested, considering that her groom-to-be is not a celebrity, we entreat you to refrain from groundless speculation and the spreading of personal information about her groom-to-be.

We have deemed posts attacking [her fiancé’s] family or spreading excessive information about his identity to be malicious, and our agency will respond accordingly.

We ask that you only send blessings and encouragement to actress Jang Nara, who is making a new start and beginning the second chapter of her life.

Actress Jang Nara will continue to work even harder both with her family at home and at the workplace. Thank you.

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