3 Questions To Be Answered In The 2nd Half Of “Bloody Heart”

“Bloody Heart” is now diving in to its second half!

KBS 2TV’s “Bloody Heart” is a fictional historical drama about the bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who has to abandon the woman he loves to survive, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a woman who has to become the queen to survive.

As the drama moves into its second half, the relationships between Lee Tae and Yoo Jung, and Park Gye Won (Jang Hyuk) and Choi Ga Yeon (Park Ji Yeon), will also reach turning points. Here are three questions to be answered in the remaining episodes of “Bloody Heart”!

1. Will Lee Tae and Yoo Jung be able to revert their static relationship back to lovers?

After confirming their feelings for each other, Lee Tae and Yoo Jung shared a deep kiss and spent their first night together. Lee Tae decides that he wants to be with Yoo Jung so he confesses his longtime love for her. Although their relationship was slowly drifting apart, Lee Tae’s confession instantly brings them closer than before.

However, the entire situation changes when Yoo Jung learns the truth behind the death of Queen In Young (Woo Mi Hwa). Yoo Jung expresses her anger and disappointment in Lee Tae for hiding the truth from her, leading to a heartbreaking conversation between the two.

In Episode 10, Yoo Jung shocks everyone by revealing to Park Gye Won that she plans to become queen in order to make Lee Tae a good king. Backed by the monarch’s power, Yoo Jung is eventually announced as a candidate to become queen as Park Sook Ui. Now that she’s entered the palace under the guise that she’s Park Gye Won’s daughter, viewers will soon be able to find out whether Yoo Jung and Lee Tae can restore their romantic relationship.

2. While Yoo Jung has made it into the palace, will she successfully be able to become queen?

In Episode 8, Jo Yeon Hee (Choi Ri) realizes that Lee Tae actually has feelings for Yoo Jung. Jo Yeon Hee starts to resent Lee Tae for leaving her alone on their first night together after marriage and grows incredibly envious of Yoo Jung. Additionally, anticipation is rising to see what happens when Yoo Jung’s true identity is eventually revealed.

On top of all this, Jo Yeon Hee throws a fit when she finds out that Park Sook Ui was named a candidate to become queen and joins hands with Choi Ga Yeon to get rid of Yoo Jung. Their strategy eventually places Yoo Jung is a situation of danger, but she’s rescued just in time by Lee Tae and Park Gye Won. With so much standing in her way, including Jo Yeon Hee, her father Jo Won Pyo (Heo Sung Tae), and Choi Ga Yeon, stay tuned to see whether Yoo Jung can successfully be crowned queen.

3. What will happen to Choi Ga Yeon and Park Gye Won?

Choi Ga Yeon initially does not believe the words of monk Hye Gang (Oh Seung Hoon) who tries to drive a wedge in her relationship with Park Gye Won. However, she feels betrayed as she watches Park Gye Won help Yoo Jung try to replace her and as a result, must accept that Hye Gang’s predictions were true all along. Eventually, Choi Ga Yeon uses Jo Yeon Hee’s mention of Yoo Jung’s identity as bait to attack Park Sook Ui, but she gets cornered and her efforts go down the drain.

In the early morning, Park Gye Won seeks out Choi Ga Yeon and asks her to leave the palace, but she refuses. Choi Ga Yeon leaves him speechless as she asks, “Who is it that you’re trying to protect? Is it me, or is it your daughter? Or are you trying to protect my palace from me?”

At the end of Episode 10, Choi Ga Yeon eerily heads to the palanquin awaiting her outside. Without hesitation, she reaches for the light inside the lantern and sets the palanquin on fire. As if in disbelief at her decision, Park Gye Won merely watches her blankly. To capture her complicated feelings for Park Gye Won, Choi Ga Yeon comments, “Now what do you think I will do?” Although they were once on the same path, it is unknown where the pair will head from here.

“Bloody Heart” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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