Kim Sae Ron’s Agency Releases New Statement About Her Drunk Driving Accident + Blood Alcohol Content

Kim Sae Ron’s agency has released a new statement regarding her recent DUI (driving under the influence) accident.

On May 18, Kim Sae Ron was booked by the police for driving under the influence of alcohol after crashing into an electrical transformer in the Cheongdam neighborhood of Seoul. Due to the crash, approximately 50 places—including four nearby buildings, a traffic light, and a streetlamp—temporarily lost electricity, and surrounding businesses were unable to operate during the four hours it took to install a new transformer.

In addition to apologizing for the incident through both her agency and a handwritten letter, Kim Sae Ron also shared that she would personally take responsibility for the damages caused by the accident.

On June 7, the actress’s agency issued a new statement confirming her blood alcohol content at the time of the accident.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is GOLDMEDALIST Entertainment.

On June 4, Kim Sae Ron diligently completed [cooperating] with police investigations into her charges of drunk driving and measures not taken after the accident, and it was confirmed through her blood test results that her blood alcohol content was approximately 0.2 percent, a level high enough for her driver’s license to be revoked.

Kim Sae Ron is in the midst of reflecting deeply on her clear wrongdoings. She is also currently doing her best to compensate for the damages caused by the accident as much as she can, and she plans to take responsibility and do her utmost up until the very end.

Once again, we bow our heads and apologize deeply to everyone who suffered damages and to everyone who was disappointed by this shameful incident.

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