Han Ji Min Is A Bundle Of Nerves As She Goes To Meet Kim Woo Bin’s Parents In “Our Blues”

tvN’s “Our Blues” has released new stills ahead of the next episode!

“Our Blues” is an omnibus-style drama set in Jeju Island that tells the sweet, sour, and bitter life stories of a diverse array of characters. The star-studded cast includes, Han Ji MinKim Woo BinLee Byung HunShin Min AhCha Seung WonLee Jung EunKim Hye JaUhm Jung Hwa, and more.


Lee Young Ok’s (Han Ji Min’s) painful past was revealed on the previous episodes of “Our Blues.” It was revealed that Lee Young Ok has a twin sister named Lee Young Hee who has Down syndrome. In the beginning, Park Jung Joon (Kim Woo Bin) was surprised about the truth, but he quickly warmed up to Lee Young Hee, showing unwavering love for Lee Young Ok.

Newly released stills depict Lee Young Ok getting ready to visit Park Jung Joon’s parents. Unlike usual, she’s wearing a formal attire, and her expression is shadowed with nervousness. Lee Young Ok doesn’t want to get hurt again, so it required a lot of courage on her part to take the step to meet his parents.

More photos show Lee Young Ok, Park Jung Joon, and his family sharing a meal together, but the atmosphere is stiff and uncomfortable. Lee Young Ok seems to have frozen in front of his parents, making viewers wonder about their conversation.

The next episode of “Our Blues” will air on June 11 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Kim Woo Bin in “Heirs“:

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