5 Things That Gave Us Butterflies & 2 Things That Broke Our Hearts In The Premiere Of “Yumi’s Cells 2”

It’s finally back. Yumi (Kim Go Eun), her cells, and the journey to her finding true happiness are continuing in this second season of “Yumi’s Cells.” In the first season, Yumi found love with Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun), a game developer who had fallen in love with her at first sight. The two started dating and went through the many ups and downs involved in having a relationship, but sadly, they ended up parting ways at the end of the season.

This season, we are greeted with Yoo Babi (GOT7‘s Jinyoung), a coworker of Yumi’s who we were introduced to in the first season. Although we haven’t seen his cells yet, we can anticipate that they will be super amusing!

Here is what we loved and what we were heartbroken about from the first two episodes.

Warning: spoilers for the premiere episodes below.

1. HEARTBREAKING: Seeing Yumi unable to accept the breakup

In the beginning of episode 1, the story picks up right where it left off. Woong had just broken up with Yumi, and she is trying to accept the fact that their breakup is a reality.

There are many out there who will be able to understand the pangs and hardships of a breakup. This series does a great job of portraying these complicated emotions through the character of Yumi. From not being able to sleep at night, looking up their pictures on various social media platforms, to trying to hide your feelings at work – these are all feelings that anyone can relate to. It is also especially heartbreaking when Yumi calls Woong late at night and he doesn’t pick up. You can really sympathize with the despair that Yumi is dealing with.

2. HEARTBREAKING: Yumi getting rid of Woong’s stuff

Yumi decides that she needs to get rid of everything that is related to Woong. She believes this is the only way that she can move on with her life. She packs everything that reminds her of him in a box and goes through the items.

As she picks up each and every item, she is reminded of the specific time and event when Woong gave her that item. She is taken back to that time and falls into a deeper state of sadness. She still cares so deeply about Woong that it’s difficult for her to throw anything out because she knows it’s of value to him. By the end, she’s bawling into the sweater he had bought for her. It’s so heartbreaking seeing Yumi in so much pain because of Woong, and it also made me a bit angry at how cold and insensitive Woong seemed to be acting.

3. BUTTERFLIES: “Stay strong”

Right after Yumi has an emotional breakdown trying to get rid of Woong’s stuff, she gets a phone call from Babi. It puts a halt to her mourning, and she is able to be distracted even for a bit. He asks to drop something off at her house, which she willingly agrees.

After Babi hands her the work documents, he is about to get into the taxi when he looks at Yumi and says, “Stay strong.” It’s a moment that touches Yumi deeply as she feels like Babi is able to understand what she is going through. She had been hiding her feelings at work, not wanting to show people her vulnerability, but Babi is able to see right through her. This provided a moment of strength and clarity for Yumi that she so desperately needed. It is also so sweet seeing Babi being so sensitive to what Yumi is going through!

4. BUTTERFLIES: The music festival

This part had everyone weak in the knees. Babi runs over to Yumi during work and shows her an announcement for an event that is happening with a group that she has been listening to thanks to Babi. He tells her that the concert is happening that night and asks her to go with him. Yumi is obviously taken off guard, but she agrees to go with him.

This scene brought so much hope in the series as it was difficult seeing Yumi struggling so much to get over her breakup. His insistence on her going with him to the festival and providing a friendly night out, being able to de-stress and not think about Woong, felt like the perfect answer. The butterflies were in full force at this point.

The way Babi gazes at Yumi during the show nearly had me tearing up out of sweetness.

5. BUTTERFLIES: The confession scene

Just when we thought the heart-fluttering scenes couldn’t get any more intense, Babi hits us with everything he has. Right after the music festival, Babi makes a very bold and honest confession to Yumi.

The boldness in which Babi wears his heart on his sleeve is admirable. It’s also refreshing to see him so upfront and honest about what he’s thinking and feeling, which is the opposite of what Woong was like.

It is at this point that viewers are greeted with a new chapter in Yumi’s life: her chapter with Yoo Babi. He’s very different from Woong, and it’s nice how open and persistent he is with Yumi. It is also nice to see Yumi’s self-esteem shoot up after his confession – she really needed it to help mend her broken heart.

6. BUTTERFLIES: The whole bus scene

After Yumi, Babi, and their colleagues go out for food and drinks, Yumi is left to go home via the bus with Babi. It’s incredibly awkward for both of them, but Yumi finds no other option but to go with him. They sit awkwardly on the bus together until Babi gets off as he worries he is making Yumi too uncomfortable. She texts him immediately, and the two realize that there was a misunderstanding with Yumi seeing Babi with his ex-girlfriend.

Babi tells Yumi to wait for him when she gets off the bus. As soon as they meet, Babi has a big smile on his face, and he looks genuinely happy to see that Yumi waited for him. It’s an adorable scene as it really shows Babi’s feelings for her. Just when we think he can’t get any sweeter, Babi continues to reel us in.

And Babi’s words, “I hope the bus doesn’t come,” was so heart-wrenchingly sweet. Yumi acknowledges that she knows exactly how Babi feels, as she has also been in love, saying those exact words before. Yumi realizes at this point how much Babi really likes her. And it’s at this moment when her love cell wakes up, which shows just how much impact this specific line has on her.

7. BUTTERFLIES: The rain scene

What is a romantic K-drama without a romantic rain scene? This one was no different, and it didn’t fail to make everyone’s hearts skip a beat. This was very well the moment that solidified that Yumi may start to have feelings for Babi. It was so subtle but so perfectly sweet. Looking forward to seeing this romance in full force!

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