Lee Yeon Hee And Lee Jin Wook Pick Key Points To Look Out For In Final Episodes Of “Welcome To Wedding Hell”

Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Jin Wook have shared key points to look forward to in the final two episodes of “Welcome to Wedding Hell”!

Kakao TV’s original series “Welcome to Wedding Hell” (also known as “Marriage White Paper”) is a relatable romance about a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage. While they were expecting a happy ending like something out of a fairy tale, the reality of their preparations proves to be somewhat different.

Lee Jin Wook stars as Seo Joon Hyung, the smitten groom-to-be who is happy to yield to his fiancée’s every command. Lee Yeon Hee stars as the lovable bride-to-be Kim Na Eun, who is affectionate and full of laughter but also sharp when working.

With the drama’s finale quickly approaching, the story has reached a point where Seo Joon Hyung and Kim Na Eun’s wedding preparations have come to a complete halt and the two are on the verge of breaking up. While viewers are wondering whether they’ll be able to overcome this conflict, lead actors Lee Jin Wook and Lee Yeon Hee shared key points to focus on for the drama’s final episodes.

Lee Jin Wook shared, “Joon Hyung and Na Eun will experience hurt. Please watch over the image of these two as they grow more mature.” He continued, “Many people I know tell me that [‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’] is so realistic, to the point where it feels like a documentary. Please stay tuned to find out whether ‘Welcome to Wedding Hell’ will be able to have a realistic ending.” Lee Jin Wook added, “Life isn’t all downhill, there are definitely uphill roads too.”

Lee Yeon Hee chose the relationship between Seo Joon Hyung and Kim Na Eun as the key point, asking viewers to stay tuned to discover if the pair is able to overcome the possibility of breaking up. She elaborated, “If you watch while trying to understand the situations from Na Eun’s perspective sometimes and then Joon Hyung and both parents’ perspectives sometimes, you will easily be able to predict the ending.”

The “Welcome to Wedding Hell” production team shared, “After Joon Hyung and Na Eun promised marriage following two years of dating, they are learning more about each other than they did over the past two years. In that process, they’ve been through a war-like introduction, development, and turn, and are heading towards the conclusion. To borrow an expression from Joon Hyung, we hope you will be with us until the end [to find out] whether the ending is a wedding or a funeral.”

The final two episodes of “Welcome to Wedding Hell” air on June 14 and 15 at 7 p.m. KST.

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