Kim Ji Won Talks About Her Character In “My Liberation Notes,” The Lesson She Learned In The Drama, And More

Kim Ji Won looks dazzling for Marie Claire magazine!

The actress’s most recent drama “My Liberation Notes” came to an end, but it has still left a deep impression in viewers’ hearts.

Helmed by “Law School” director Kim Seok Yoon and penned by “My Mister” and “Another Oh Hae Young” writer Park Hae Young, “My Liberation Notes” is a drama about three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider comes to their town. Kim Ji Won stars as Yeom Mi Jung, the youngest child in the family. A born introvert, the timid Yeom Mi Jung has always gone through life feeling completely alone, but she is determined to make a change and liberate herself from her dreary, monochrome life.

During the interview, Kim Ji Won reflected on her character Yeom Mi Jung. She commented, “Now that it’s all over, I realize that Mi Jung was more alone and more lonely than I’ve ever imagined, and she’s someone who’s endured things more deeply.”

Then she talked about what she learned through “My Liberation Notes,” saying, “I started this project with the desire to feel the depth and breadth that the person Kim Ji Won had never reached before, and I was able to learn what the power of protecting me was by acting as the transparent and honest Mi Jung.”

Lastly, the actress added, “Even if I change things, I can’t change things as I want. But I think it’s important that I decided to do that, and that when the current of water came in, I decided to continue swimming without being swept back like before.”

Kim Ji Won’s full interview and pictorial will be available in the July issue of Marie Claire.

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