Watch: NCT’s Doyoung Isn’t Thrilled To See Han Ji Hyo’s Love Life Taking A Positive Twist In New Romance Drama

TVING’s upcoming drama “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” has unveiled a new teaser!

“To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” is a new romance drama about a magical notebook that can make anyone fall in love with someone for one month. When Seo Hee Soo, a college student and aspiring lyricist with low self-esteem (played by Han Ji Hyo), stumbles upon the notebook, she winds up becoming entangled with multiple men, including her guy friend Jung Shi Ho (played by NCT’s Doyoung).

The teaser shares a glimpse of the quarrelsome chemistry between Seo Hee Soo and her close guy friend Jung Shi Ho. He seems impatient and cold around her, but he’s concerned enough about her to carry her on his back when she can’t head home alone.

Seo Hee Soo doesn’t have much luck with guys, and it’s evident from the way Kim Kang Wook (played by Son Hyun Woo) mistakenly calls her “Hee Jin.” The caption asks, “Why doesn’t anyone love me?” However, that’s all about to change when she finds a magical notebook that changes her life forever. Kim Kang Wook is head over heels for her, and he asks her out.

Seo Hee Soo is thrilled by the unexpected turn of events, but Jung Shi Ho watches her with heavy concern. Referring to the notebook, he asks, “Are you going to keep using this?” She responds, “It’s just for a month anyway,” piquing curiosity about what will happen in that time.

Check out the full teaser below!

“To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” will premiere on July 14.

In the meantime, watch Doyoung in “Midnight Cafe 3: The Curious Stalker” with subtitles below!

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