Moon Ga Young Unexpectedly Recalls A Childhood Memory That Makes Her Freeze In “Link”

Get ready for more twists and turns in tvN’s “Link”!

“Link” tells the story of Eun Gye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo), an executive chef, and Noh Da Hyun (Moon Ga Young), an employee at his restaurant who has been unlucky in both love and life. The two are connected by a special “link” that delivers all of Noh Da Hyun’s emotions directly to Eun Gye Hoon. This means that he goes through all her ups and downs through joy, sorrow, and pain.


The previous episode shocked viewers with its thrilling ending. As soon as Noh Da Hyun’s stalker Lee Jin Geun (Shin Jae Hwi) walked into Eun Gye Hoon’s restaurant, Lee Eun Jung (Lee Bom) suddenly grabbed a knife and attacked him, increasing curiosity about her unexpected behavior.

In today’s broadcast, Eun Gye Hoon and Noh Da Hyun will discover one new fact about Lee Jin Geun. In the photos, Noh Da Hyun, who followed Eun Gye Hoon to his parents’ house, spots photos of him and his family before his sister went missing. In the pictures, they look incredibly happy, and their warm smiling faces touch her heart. However, she goes into his room and becomes shocked that it hasn’t changed since he was ten years old. She sees one photo that makes her suddenly recall a dim memory from her elementary school days and gets swept up in a storm of confusion. What exactly did Noh Da Hyun remember?

On the other hand, more photos show Ji Won Tak (Song Duk Ho) and Lee Jin Geun facing each other at the playground in the middle of the night. Ji Won Tak, who isn’t in his police uniform, looks visibly uncomfortable, but Lee Jin Geun showcases a relaxed attitude as he greets the officer with a fishy smile. The air is tight with cold tension, leading viewers to wonder why the two have met up.

To find out what happens to these four characters, tune in to next episode of “Link” on June 28 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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