Oh Yeon Seo And Her Team Face Difficulties With Their Investigation In “Café Minamdang”

tvN’s new drama “Café Minamdang” shared stills previewing the upcoming episode!

Based on the popular web novel of the same name, “Café Minamdang” is a comedy-mystery starring Seo In Guk as Nam Han Joon, a fraudulent male shaman who used to be a profiler. Oh Yeon Seo plays Han Jae Hee, a detective in the violent crimes unit who is passionate about justice.


Previously, Nam Han Joon was told by his VIP client Lee Min Kyung (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) that her husband Shin Kyung Ho (Kim Won Shik) was acting suspicious, so he requested Nam Hye Joon (Kang Mina) to investigate. Discovering that Shin Kyung Ho committed a hit-and-run, Nam Han Joon used his profiling skills to find the location the victim was hidden at and reported it to Han Jae Hee’s team.

The newly released stills capture team leader Han Jae Hee and her team with deep dark circles under their eyes as they’re unable to tear their eyes away from the computer. They concentrate deeply on finding evidence, raising questions about what will happen in the upcoming episode.

Jang Doo Jin (Jang Man Shik) tilts his head back in suffering, hinting that the investigation isn’t going the way they intended, while Kim Sang Hyeop (Heo Jae Ho) shares a meaningful conversation with Han Jae Hee with a serious expression.

The next episode airs on June 28 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Oh Yeon Seo in “Hwayugi“:

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