4 Key Points To Look Forward To In The 2nd Half Of “Eve”

tvN’s “Eve” is diving into its second half!

“Eve” is about a chaebol‘s 2 trillion won (approximately $1.7 billion) divorce lawsuit that shocks the entire nation. Unbeknownst to the public, the lawsuit is the result of a carefully calculated revenge scheme 13 years in the making. Seo Ye Ji stars as Lee Ra El, the dangerously alluring woman at the center of the divorce lawsuit whose true identity and lifestyle are slowly starting to come to light.

Things are about to get more chaotic with Han So Ra (Yoo Sun) finding out that Lee Ra El is having an affair with her husband Kang Yoon Kyum (Park Byung Eun). On top of that, Seo Eun Pyung (Lee Sang Yeob) has officially started to help Lee Ra El with her revenge plot.

Here are three key points to look out for in the upcoming episodes!


1. Lee Ra El will shake up Kang Yoon Kyum and Han So Ra

What is the next step of Lee Ra El’s revenge plot? Previously, she realized that Han So Ra killed her mother Kim Jin Sook (Kim Jung Young) and revised her revenge plot of 13 years to destroy her in a more devastating way. She fueled Han So Ra’s anger by revealing that she was Kang Yoon Kyum’s other woman. Furthermore, she told Kang Yoon Kyum that they should break up in order to make him fall harder for her. With Lee Ra El attempting to make both Han So Ra and Kang Yoon Kyum lose all reasoning, viewers are curious to find out what will happen next. However, not everything might go smoothly for her, seeing that her partner-in-crime Jang Moon Hee (Lee Il Hwa) is attempting to reveal her true identity to Kang Yoon Kyum.

2. Kang Yoon Kyum will aim to have everything

Kang Yoon Kyum’s ambitious nature will rise to the surface! Before meeting Lee Ra El, Kang Yoon Kyum endured the mistreatment he received as someone who was born out of wedlock and did whatever his wealthy and powerful in-laws wanted him to. However, after falling in love with Lee Ra El, he showed his desires to obtain both her and LY Group. On top of that, he openly expressed antipathy to Han So Ra and deceived both his father Kang Bon Geun (Lee Seung Chul) and father-in-law Han Pan Ro (Jun Gook Hwan). On the previous episode of “Eve,” Kang Yoon Kyum expressed his wish that Lee Ra El would get a divorce and stay by his side. What move will he make next in order to gain both love and success?

3. Kang So Ra will go on a malicious rampage

Kang So Ra was shocked when Lee Ra El hinted that Kang Yoon Kyum might be having an affair. She became obsessed with finding who this other woman was without the faintest clue that she had been right in front of her all along. Now that Kang So Ra has found out that Lee Ra El is the one her husband has been seeing behind her back, it is predicted that a disastrous storm is heading their way. Kang So Ra’s anger towards Lee Ra El has peaked, which will cause tension to further escalate.

4. Seo Eun Pyung will jump into the fire for Lee Ra El

Seo Eun Pyung is making the plot even more interesting by actively participating in Lee Ra El’s revenge plot in order to protect her. He got close to Han Pan Ro and was able to check the sketch of the chairman’s ongoing project. Moreover, previous stills showed Seo Eun Pyung also meeting with Kang Yoon Kyum, raising questions about what part he will play in this game of revenge. The real question is, why is he sacrificing himself for Lee Ra El, and what kind of feelings does he harbor for her?

The next episode of “Eve” will air on June 29 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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