Watch: 2PM’s Lee Junho Talks About Receiving Many Offers For Acting Projects After “The Red Sleeve” + Performs Snippet Of “My House”

2PM’s Lee Junho made many hearts flutter with his recent appearance on tvN’s variety show “You Quiz on the Block”!

On the June 29 broadcast of the program, Lee Junho talked about his acting career as well as his “My House” performance clips that went viral.

Concerning the rumors that “all drama script are going to Lee Junho” after his spectacular performance in the hit drama “The Red Sleeve,” he remarked, “Thankfully, so many people are [offering me roles] that it takes me a long time to read and review [the scripts].” He shocked the hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho by revealing that that he had received about 100 scripts.

Concerning the viral clips of him performing 2PM’s “My House,” Lee Junho shared, ” I usually watch my performance videos often because if we make a comeback, I have to perform right away, and I don’t want to forget [the choreography]. One time, I was watching the ‘My House’ videos, and at some point, the number of views and comments increased.” He added that he didn’t want to get excited though because he assumed the sudden interest would disappear soon enough.

Lee Junho went on to talk about his dreams about acting, saying, “In high school, I was in the theater club, and I entered the audition program ‘Superstar Survival’ that was co-hosted by SBS and JYP Entertainment. I won first place and entered JYP. ”

Lee Junho earned a lot of popularity after debuting as a member of 2PM, and although he achieved much success, he didn’t have many opportunities to pursue acting. He revealed that he got into a serious accident one day while taking part in group activities, and when he had barely received surgery and pushed ahead with his schedule, he received a chance to audition for the movie “Cold Eyes.” He participated in the audition despite not fully recovering from surgery with desperate determination to take part in it no matter what, and that’s when he started his acting career.

Lastly, Lee Junho remarked, “I want to keep this set of mind as it is. I don’t want to get shaken, and I don’t want to get tired. I think I’ve matured over the past 15 years because I don’t get too excited, too happy, or too sad.” Yoo Jae Suk responded by sharing this advice, “You need to listen to your feelings. You need to be angry when you’re angry, and if you don’t like something, you need to say it. You must express yourself.”

Watch Lee Junho perform a part of “My House,” and as a bonus, you can also watch Jo Se Ho show his version of the dance!

Check out “The Red Sleeve” below!

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