5 Times Our Hearts Broke In Episodes 7-8 Of “Yumi’s Cells 2”

In episodes 5 and 6, Babi and Yumi’s relationship was taken to the next level, and they were more in love than ever. It almost seemed too good to be true that everything was so blissfully perfect, but it appears as though episodes 7 and 8 have set the tone for some drastic changes in their relationship, which left things a bit confusing and upsetting. Here are five times our hearts broke in the newest episodes of “Yumi’s Cells 2.”

Warning: spoilers for episodes 7-8 ahead!

1. Babi moves away for work

In the beginning of episode 7, Yumi continues to work hard at trying to become a published author. She has yet again failed to win the competition that she entered for her writing. Although she is upbeat and positive even after failing a couple times, Yumi finds herself feeling down after having failed quite a bit more. If it wasn’t bad enough that she was struggling to make her place in the world as an author, we also find out that Babi has been promoted at work and has relocated to Jeju Island.

As things seemed to have been going really well for Yumi, it was only a matter of time before reality hit. The hard work she is putting into writing and all the sacrifices she has made to become an author are not really paying off, and her self-esteem is drastically dropping. The person that she would be leaning on most for comfort and support is not by her side, which makes it even more painful to see. Yumi is going through a serious slump, and although Babi is trying to be the best boyfriend, there is only so much he can do from a distance. Seeing Yumi going through a long-distance relationship does not seem like the most ideal situation, and it is rather saddening to see her struggle through this by herself.

2. Yumi almost getting her job back

Yumi is really starting to regret her decision about quitting her job and trying to become a writer, especially given the fact that she is struggling to make ends meet. She stresses about money and is wondering how she is going to support herself in the upcoming months. Just as she’s about to consider giving up her dreams of becoming a writer, she gets a call from her old boss. He asks to meet with her and surprisingly asks if she wants to have her job back, and Yumi starts to think this is a great idea.

But just as Yumi really considers taking up the offer, she gets a call again from her boss, saying to forget coming back to work. He tells her that they have actually hired someone already but he wasn’t told the news yet. Yumi is crushed about this considering she did not have many options in terms of making income.

It’s a heartbreaking moment and one that many could feel through the screen. Getting her job back seemed like it could be an easy way out, but it was sad to see the door to that opportunity just slammed in her face. It seemed as though her luck was really running out and that her dreams were slowly diminishing. At this point, Yumi really can’t catch a break, and the episode is rather disheartening.

3. Yoo Da Eun

And if matters couldn’t get any worse, in this episode, Yumi finds out that the new intern at Babi’s work, who he had been talking about for the past few months, is actually a girl. There are some quick flashbacks in the episode of Babi talking about a particular new intern, but Yumi does not know who Da Eun (Shin Ye Eun) is, let alone the fact that she is a girl. This obviously sends Yumi for a loop as she can’t help but feel a little bit insecure and jealous.

It’s bad enough that Yumi and Babi are in a long-distance relationship, but it’s even worse that he is so close to this intern – they even live in the same neighborhood! The whole situation is uncomfortable for Yumi as it is almost the exact same way she and Babi had gotten together in the past. They were once colleagues, and he pursued her after she broke up with her boyfriend. Yumi has every right to feel uncomfortable and upset. Unfortunately, this is the first time viewers start to not only dislike Da Eun but also Babi. Although Da Eun’s emotions can’t be helped, it is heartbreaking to see Babi getting closer to her even though he has a girlfriend. Our poor Yumi!

4. Ahn Dae Yong’s love

On the bright side, Ahn Dae Yong (Jeon Suk Ho) enters into the picture as the editor-in-chief who has agreed to publish Yumi’s book. Although Yumi had failed to win all of the writing competitions that she put her book through, Ahn Dae Yong takes a strong interest in her work and wants to meet her personally. When the two meet, he realizes that she is the girl he fell in love with back in university. His love cell comes out in full force, recognizing that it is the work of destiny that has brought them together again.

But after Dae Yong finds out that Yumi has a boyfriend, his heart is crushed. It is adorable seeing how innocent and pure Dae Yong’s heart is, as he is completely set on loving Yumi and wanting to be with her. It can come across as being a bit creepy or obsessive, but it was entertaining to see his cells try and figure out the best possible way to be with Yumi. It provided the somewhat comic relief in the midst of a rocky storm to come, one that many of us do not want to anticipate.

5. Babi developing feelings for Da Eun

As Babi gets closer to Da Eun, she indirectly tells Babi that she likes him. While the two are waiting for the bus to arrive, she tells him that she likes someone but that the person has a girlfriend. She asks if she should confess her feelings. Babi responds that she should keep her feelings to herself. He is quick to catch on that she is referring to him in this situation, and this is the moment when conflicts arise.

Probably the most heartbreaking part of the series so far is seeing Babi’s wavering feelings for Da Eun. It seems at first that he is not interested at all, but after Da Eun indirectly confesses her feelings to him, his heart starts to waver. And when Da Eun quits her job, Babi really starts to have feelings for her. He does not seem to like the fact that he will no longer be able to see her every day. It’s an earth-shattering moment, especially for us Babi fans, as we were so sure that he was the perfect boyfriend. There is still hope that Babi and Yumi can work it out, but it is still upsetting to anticipate how Yumi will feel about this.

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