8 Underrated K-Pop Songs From The First Half Of 2022 That Deserve Your Attention

2022 has not been short of versatile bops from various K-pop subgenres ranging from pop to R&B that remind listeners why they’re fans of K-pop. And just like every year, some releases slip under the radar, and not enough people get to enjoy their greatness. Luckily for you, Soompi is here to put them in the spotlight.

As much as we’d love to feature every underrated track that has been released this year, the list would be endless. So here, in chronological order, are eight K-pop songs from the first half of 2022 that made the cut. Enjoy!

1. P1Harmony – “Do It Like This”

If you’re looking for a dope beat to blast during a party or a drive, look no further! P1Harmony is slick as ever in this bop, confidently taking the lead and loudly boasting about what they’re made of.

2. ONEWE – “Universe_”

This soothing ballad gives its listeners all the feels, as ONEWE merges their skillful mastery of musical instruments with their mesmerizing vocals. The comforting lyrics feel like a much-needed warm hug with every listen.

3. Yuju – “Play”

The former GFRIEND member is doing well for herself, and her solo title track is living proof. Yuju sings of heartbreak as she tells the tale of a loved one that got away, leaving her in a state of disarray after playing with her feelings.

4. Cherry Bullet – “Love In Space”

This track comes with a catchy chorus, an addictive rhythm, and a mix of pop and retro that makes you want to stand up and get jiggy with it. As for the lyrics, Cherry Bullet describes yearning to earn someone’s love even if it means jumping across time and space.

5. TAN – “DU DU DU”

This is the perfect song to unwind to thanks to lyrics that offer both solace and motivation at the same time. Furthermore, the group’s perfectly harmonizing vocals on top of a high tempo make the musical experience quite enjoyable.

6. KINGDOM – “Promise”

KINGDOM adopted a historical concept that focuses on a different member every comeback, and Dann is the latest member to be featured. The instrumentals perfectly fit the theme: traditional sounds are vividly present. The lyrics narrate a beautiful love story that ends in heartache.


Released about a month ago, this amazing track is all swag. The sassy lyrics complement the badass vibe of the instrumentals as well as the members’ powerful vocals. “DOOMCHITA” definitely deserves all the hype it can get!

8. KARD – “Ring The Alarm”

Granted, the co-ed group made their comeback only two weeks ago, but it’s a crime that their first comeback in two years is not talked about as much as it should be. If anyone knows how to turn it up, it’s KARD for sure. Their groovy lyrics, insane flow, and vocal synergy are definitely things to hype up!

Which underrated K-pop song from the first half of 2022 is your jam? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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