Kim Go Eun Becomes Acquainted With The Eccentric Illustrator P.O In “Yumi’s Cells 2”

“Yumi’s Cells 2” shared new stills of Kim Go Eun and Block B’s P.O!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Yumi’s Cells” tells the story of an ordinary office worker named Yumi—from the point of view of the many brain cells in her head controlling her every thought, feeling, and action. Kim Go Eun plays the titular role of Yumi, an ordinary woman who struggles with expressing her feelings, while Jinyoung stars as her charming co-worker Yoo Babi.


The newly released stills capture Yumi officially beginning her work as a writer. Previously, Yumi met the strangely prickly but warmhearted editor-in-chief Ahn Dae Yong (Jeon Suk Ho) for the first time. In the upcoming episode, Yumi will be getting to know illustrator Control Z (P.O).

In the photos, Yumi looks somewhat flustered at the appearance of the unique illustrator. Another still shows them smiling while looking at each other, but an interesting spark flies between the two. Viewers are curious to find out if Yumi will be able to successfully work together with the eccentric Control Z.

Furthermore, another still previews Yumi’s shocked expression as she discovers a book on display at a bookstore, making viewers wonder if she will find success as a writer.

In the next episodes of “Yumi’s Cells 2,” Yumi and Yoo Babi’s relationship will face a crisis. The preview of the upcoming episode revealed Yumi learning of Yoo Babi’s move and Yoo Da Eun (Shin Ye Eun) asking if the reason is because of her. The upcoming episodes will portray what will happen to Yumi and Yoo Babi’s romance as well as Yumi’s new life as a writer.

The next two episodes of “Yumi’s Cells 2” air on July 8 at 4 p.m. KST.

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