Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Yoo Jin, And More Get Entangled In Complicated Relationships In “Remarriage & Desires”

Get ready for an intriguing roller coaster of events in Netflix’s upcoming series “Remarriage & Desires”!

Starring Kim Hee SunLee Hyun Wook, Jung Yoo Jin, Park Hoon, and Cha Ji Yeon, “Remarriage & Desires” revolves around Rex, a matchmaking agency that specializes in the remarriages of ambitious clients who strive to marry rich spouses. The five actors portray people who gather at Rex for different reasons. The drama is helmed by producing director (PD) Kim Jung Min (“Bad Guys,” “Squad 38”).

Kim Hee Sun stars as Seo Hye Seung, an ordinary wife and mother who loses everything due to the sudden death of her husband and jumps into Rex in order to get revenge against Jin Yoo Hee (Jung Yoo Jin), the one who ruined her life. Jin Yoo Hee is a lawyer who will destroy everything in her way in order to get what she wants.

Lee Hyun Wook plays Lee Hyeong Joo, a chairman of a self-made venture company, while Park Hoon transforms into Cha Seok Jin, a professor who is fighting against his stepmother Choi Yoo Seon (Cha Ji Yeon) for the huge inheritance left by his father. Choi Yoo Seon is also the CEO of Rex, a top matchmaking agency that firmly believes that “marriage is a business where supply and demand meet.”

Kim Jung Min remarked, “Some people think marriage is the completion of love, but others believe it is also a means of raising status, wealth, and maintaining power.” This drama will center on the latter idea and show the greed of humans through the business of marriage that the upper echelon usually engage in.

Concerning the characters, he explained, “They seem to have completely different desires. They only start off differently, but it all results from ‘self-love.’ As you watch these people race towards their own ambitions, I hope it will be a time to ask yourself what kind of ambitions you have and how you’re living your life.”

Lee Hyun Wook remarked, “The topic of a matchmaking company was new,” and Jung Yoo Jin commented, “It’s a story that is both provocative and realistic.”

“Remarriage & Desires” recently shared an intriguing glimpse of the characters and how they become involved with each other. First off, Seo Hye Seung is hell-bent on getting revenge against Jin Yoo Hee, who will do anything to achieve her goals. The two characters will continuously engage in a war of nerves, and their animosity will cause tension to escalate.

Lee Hyeong Joo and Cha Seok Jin are two members of the “Black Level.” At Rex, a Black Level member is the most wanted spouse due to the fact that it means they’re the wealthiest. They will increase immersion in the story as they form ties with Seo Hye Seung and Jin Yoo Hee.

Choi Yoo Seon exudes charisma as the CEO of Rex, yet she’s veiled in mystery. She made Rex the best matchmaking agency, and it will be exciting to learn what role she plays in the relationships of Seo Hye Seung, Jin Yoo Hee, Lee Hyeong Joo, and Cha Seok Jin.

” Remarriage & Desires” will premiere on July 15. Watch a teaser here!

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