Watch: Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, And More Have Different Reactions To Impending Plane Disaster In “Emergency Declaration” Character Trailer

Emergency Declaration” has released an intriguing new character trailer!

Directed by Han Jae Rim, upcoming disaster film “Emergency Declaration” follows the unprecedented calamities that arise when terrorist threats are made against an impending flight. The film stars Song Kang HoJeon Do YeonLee Byung HunKim Nam GilIm Siwan, Kim So Jin, and Park Hae Joon.

The newly released character trailer focuses on the seven main characters’ reactions to the unprecedented plane incident. The characters range from veteran detective In Ho (Song Kang Ho) to Jae Hyuk (Lee Byung Hun), who’s on the flight with his daughter, and Sook Hee (Jeon Do Yeon), a general working at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation. There’s also the flight’s vice-captain Hyun Soo (Kim Nam Gil), mysterious passenger Jin Seok (Im Siwan), flight attendant Hee Jin (Kim So Jin), and Tae Soo (Park Hae Joon), the head of the government’s crisis management center.

The eerie trailer begins with the suspicious threat made against the plane. Someone informs In Ho of the plane terrorist’s threat video and as he analyzes the situation, he states, “We don’t have time or a solution. If we hesitate right now, all those people [on the plane] will die.”

Jae Hyuk’s story starts at the airport as he worries about his daughter. Since their flight will take them to get treatment for his daughter’s eczema, he softly tells her to hang in there. Once the plane is thrown into chaos, Jae Hyuk speaks up about his suspicions about a mysterious man on the plane – which in turn raise questions about Jae Hyuk.

When Sook Hee is also informed of the crisis, she showcases her determination to protect her citizens as she confidently asks, “Do we just step back because they won’t cooperate?” She then adds, “We are civil service workers. We are here to take responsibility.”

Once vice-captain Hyun Soo gets on the plane, he calmly shares, “I think the turbulence on the plane will be quite bad all throughout.” However, things start getting way out of hand. Mysterious passenger Jin Seok chooses his destination by asking at the airport, “Which plane has a lot of passengers?”

While the plane’s passengers are all in a state of frenzy, flight attendant Hee Jin maintains her calm and continues speaking to others with a soft and polite tone. Eventually, she asks the mysterious passenger, “Sorry, but would I be able to check your ID or license?” As the situation worsens, Tae Soo does his best to tame media outlets. When he’s asked about the state of the plane, he replies, “We are responding in the best way we can.”

Watch the detailed character trailer below!

“Emergency Declaration” originally premiered at the 74th Cannes Film Festival in July 2021 where it was selected for the Out of Competition section. The film is scheduled for global release on August 3 and you can watch another trailer here!

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