Exclusive Interview: WJSN Talks “Queendom 2” And Recent Interests, Shares Messages For Global Fans, And More

In celebration of WJSN’s “Last Sequence” comeback earlier this month, the members took time to answer some questions sent in by fans via Soompi’s Twitter!

Check out their responses below:

What were the members’ reactions when they first heard “Last Sequence”?
Asked by @cosmosbona

Dayoung: I loved it!! I liked that it had WJSN’s original vibes but also a new kind of melody line.

Yeonjung: It left a strong impression on me because it felt the most different of all of our title tracks so far.

Bona: I liked it because it was a song with WJSN’s original colors but also a different vibe.

What was each member’s favorite part of the album-making and releasing process?
Asked by @ar_wjsn13

Luda: We worked with a team we have never worked with before for this music video. We were really worried because we also didn’t have enough time, but there was no need to worry because the ending result was so great. We were thankful that they captured WJSN’s charms in a different light.

Dawon: I was very glad to have the honor of one of my songs being included in this album, and I was happy to show my chemistry with Yeonjung that many fans were looking forward to seeing.

Since you transformed into mermaids for this comeback, what other princess concept would you want to try for a future comeback?
Asked by @Jinhyun9701

Luda: If we have a princess concept for another comeback, I want to try Cinderella.

Soobin: I want to become Snow White. I tried it in school when I was 7-years-old, and now that 20 years have passed, I think it would be a new experience to become Snow White again.

Of WJSN’s songs, which is a hidden gem that you want to recommend to those who are not very familiar with your music?
Asked by @WJBunny_

Exy: I recommend “Done,” which is a B-side track from this single album! It is a very refreshing and fun song to listen to on a summer night!

Yeoreum: [“Done”] is a song composed by our leader Exy. It is a song to listen to when you want to jam to a chill rhythm. I recommend it because it is a really trendy song and a good song to lift your mood.

Bona: “Done,” a B-side track from our new album! You can enjoy it while going on a drive!

Before doing a live performance, do you have any routines before going on stage?
Asked by @mbti_is_chuexy

Dawon: I think I always drink a cup of Iced Americano. I try not to eat quickly beforehand because I always didn’t feel well when I did so.

Yeonjung: I look at a mirror and check my face!

What was your favorite performance on “Queendom 2”?
Asked by @dailybona

Exy: I think the performance we enjoyed the most was “Pantomime” from the third round, so “Pantomime” is most memorable to me!

Seola: We were really happy and enjoyed performing “Pantomime.” It’s really memorable to me because we were able to enjoy the performance while smiling brightly.

What do the WJSN members save each other’s contact numbers as?
Asked by @An___royal

Eunseo: I saved the members as “Wuju” with their names. I saved them with simple names so that I can easily contact them right away.

Soobin: Seola is saved as Shaki. The other members are all saved as “Hyung” instead of “Unnie.”

What is something that you have been interested in recently?
Asked by @kaaaaayyne

Eunseo: These days, I have really been into taking photos and having my photo taken! I am also really into a vitamin beverage that I drink often through my busy everyday life.

Dayoung: I am really into watching YouTube videos these days. It’s so fun, and I enjoy vlogs. Watching videos edited by UJUNG is also my source of joy.

What has been the highlight of your day so far?
Asked by @sseolawife

Yeoreum: I was happiest reading messages sent by UJUNG while lying down on my newly washed sheets.
Seola: I felt happy because my makeup looked really pretty! And I ate delicious bread!

What would you like to say to global UJUNG?
Asked by @ujungvelvet

Exy: Let’s always continue creating new and eternal scenes together with us WJSN. I love you♡

Seola: International UJUNG! Hello! It seems that many of you got to know us through “Queendom 2,” so I am very happy! Please continue to show much interest and love!

Bona: I’m glad we got to greet global fans more closely through our Comeback Show! Thank you so much for supporting us from far away, and I hope we can meet often♡

Soobin: We weren’t able to meet as often after the start of COVID-19, but thank you for always giving us lots of love, and I UJUNG you a lot!

Luda: Hello!! UJUNG!! Now we will meet soon, right? Please wait just a bit!

Dawon: Thank you for waiting, and thank you for always loving and supporting WJSN. WJSN will become artists that make you proud forever. I love you a lot!

Eunseo: We haven’t been able to see you often since the start of COVID-19, but thank you for still giving us lots of love always, and I really UJUNG you!

Yeoreum: Hello global fans!! I’ve felt so sorry that we haven’t been able to go see you a lot, but I’m really glad and happy that we can at least greet you like this. I hope there will be many opportunities for us to see you in the future, and we will work to communicate with you more!! We will continue on with lots of activities, so please show lots of love and support♡♡

Dayoung: UJUNG❤ Let’s hurry and meet soon. It’s been so long since we last met, so I really miss you, but we’ll be able to meet often now, so please wait just a bit. I love you❤

Yeonjung: I want to go meet international UJUNG as soon as possible. Please show lots of support until the day that we all meet in good health!

Watch WJSN’s road to victory on “Queendom 2” below:

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