Key Reasons To Tune Into Yoo Young Jae And Jo Yu Ri’s Upcoming Drama “Mimicus”

The premiere of new teen drama “Mimicus” is almost here!

Playlist and Naver NOW’s “Mimicus” is a new drama about students at an arts high school trying to prove that they’re the “real deal” amidst a culture where mimicking one another is the norm. The drama stars B.A.P’s Yoo Young Jae, former IZ*ONE member Jo Yu Ri, woo!ah!’s Nana, and rookie actor Kim Yoon Woo.

With less than a day left until the premiere of “Mimicus,” here are three key reasons why you should tune in!

1. The arts high school of your dreams, featuring a war of good looks and talent

“Mimicus” takes place in an arts high school that’s known as a “military academy for celebrities.” Unlike typical high schools that most students attend, many teens aspiring to be celebrities choose to attend this school of arts students’ dreams. However, contrary to this romanticization, “Mimicus” will detail the mimicking and hyperrealism that goes on in the school, which will be more universally relatable than initially expected.

2. An intense teen drama with shocking and outrageous stories

“Mimicus” has been deemed a makjang teen drama, which is a genre typically reserved for shows with older audiences as they include extreme plot twists such as secret family members, extramarital affairs, kidnap, theft, and murder.

The drama starts as Daehan Performance Arts High School senior Han Yousung (Yoo Young Jae), who is also a famous trainee at a big entertainment agency, is caught up in rumors that he’s copying the new 10th grade student Ji Subin (Kim Yoon Woo). However, in the recently released prologue, the prince in the fairytale was Yousung, and the monster that copied Yousung was Subin. “Mimicus” will draw out exactly what relationship these two students have and who is truly “real” and “fake.”

3. A hip production that will captivate real-life Gen Z audience members

The characters of “Mimicus” are set to perfectly portray today’s average Gen Z teen as they follow real-life top trends, such as being TikTok or YouTube stars. Another one of the strengths that “Mimicus” has is their interesting storyline, as if you’re following someone’s life on social media, and the liveliness of all the characters who capture Gen Z culture. The excitement of the story will be enhanced with modern producing and captivate viewers through its unique charm.

“Mimicus” premieres on July 22 and will be available on Viki with subtitles! Read more about the drama’s characters here!

While you wait, watch a teaser for “Mimicus” below:

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