Choi Daniel Shares Story Of A Time He Slept In Front Of His Ex-Girlfriend's House

Choi Daniel got honest about his past love life on the latest episode of “My Little Old Boy”!

The actor, who will soon be starring in the upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon,” made a guest appearance as a special MC on the July 24 episode of the SBS variety show.

At one point during the show, host Seo Jang Hoon commented, “I heard that rom-com master Choi Daniel actually has a lot of really embarrassing and pathetic dating stories in real life. Is it true that you once slept in front of a girlfriend’s house?”

Choi Daniel confirmed with a laugh that it was true, explaining, “This was back in college. We were a campus couple. And you know how at that age, [couples] fight a lot about this and that. So I went to see her after a fight, but she wouldn’t even come out of the house. I couldn’t get in touch with her at all.”

“So I figured, ‘She has to come out of the house eventually,’ and I waited for her outside of her house,” he continued. “But I was so cold and tired that I fell asleep. It was the type of apartment building where [the front doors] are set up like hallways. If I stayed in the hallway, I’d block the path of residents from the other apartments, so I slept in front of the elevator all the way at the very end.”

As for how that ex-girlfriend is doing now, Choi Daniel said with a smile, “I’m sure she’s doing well and living happily somewhere.”

Shin Dong Yup made everyone laugh by chiming in, “Of course, and I bet every time she sees you on TV, she tells her friends and family, ‘That guy slept on the ground in front of my house just to see me back when we were dating!'”

Choi Daniel’s new drama “Today’s Webtoon” premieres on July 29 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, watch Choi Daniel on the latest episode of “My Little Old Boy” with English subtitles below!

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