Watch: Kim Sejeong Begins Her Dynamic Life As A New Employee In “Today’s Webtoon” Preview

SBS has released a long preview of its upcoming drama “Today’s Webtoon”!

“Today’s Webtoon” is a Korean remake of the popular 2016 Japanese series “Sleepeeer Hit!” and is set against the backdrop of South Korea’s competitive webtoon industry. Kim Sejeong will star as On Ma Eum, a former judo athlete who joins a webtoon editorial department as a new employee and struggles to mature into a true editor.

The preview begins as On Ma Eum introduces herself at the job interview for Neon Webtoon. She thinks to herself, “The only way I can get this is by ippon (highest score a fighter can achieve in judo).” In the next scene, she flips one of the interviewers on to the floor, showing her judo technique. She cries, “I’m done for!”

On Ma Eum shares, “I think I’m destined to do judo.” She looks depressed, but a voice says, “Ma Eum is someone who has a strange knack for winning at times when she has a 100 percent chance of losing.” On Ma Eum then dances in excitement, which implies her passing the job interview.

When she finally sets foot in the webtoon company, she gazes in awe at the other employees and gets excited to work there. Seok Ji Hyung (Choi Daniel) talks to his boss, saying, “Right now, we need a PD (producer) with more experience.” He continues, “Frankly speaking, we can’t afford this [situation].” His boss replies, “But she’s got that great passion in her.”

The preview continues to show On Ma Eum working passionately together with Goo Joon Young (Nam Yoon Su), who is another new recruit. The boss says, “How can you not adore her when she does her best at everything?”

In the following scenes, the atmosphere suddenly changes. On Ma Eum fights with a mysterious man in a black suit. She says, “My only wish would be that I never see you again.”

Coming back to the office, On Ma Eum and Goo Joon Young are appointed webtoon writers to manage their schedules. On Ma Eum greets the webtoon writer and starts working with him, but it is not easy since he is a person on the blacklist for not keeping deadlines too often. On Ma Eum tries her best, but this gets on the writer’s nerves.

On Ma Eum faces many difficult situations while trying to manage the writers’ schedules, but she keeps on trying her best. Seok Ji Hyung tells On Ma Eum, “The chief editor told me that he saw something in you. Show me from now on. Prove that I was wrong about you.”

On Ma Eum says, “I believe that the time I sweat will never betray me.” She shouts, “To achieve the ippon!” The chief editor repeats after her, and the preview comes to an end with On Ma Eum, Seok Ji Hyung, and other characters cheering.

Watch the preview below!

“Today’s Webtoon” premieres on July 29 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

While you wait, check out another teaser for the drama below:

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