9 New K-Pop Releases That Prove That Bubblegum Is Back For The Summer

Bubblegum K-pop is one of the hallmarks of the genre, and it’s a style that really makes K-pop stand out. It’s back in a big way in 2022, and these summer releases prove that bubblegum (and the weather!) are both hot right now. If you want a rundown of some great recent releases or just want to bask in that feel-good cheer, then take a look at this list!


One of the most anticipated comebacks of the summer, ITZY brought a bubblegum vibe with “SNEAKERS” that’s a little different from their usual sound – in the best way possible! It definitely has that upbeat, standout production that ITZY is known best for, but it also has a bouncy, bright style that’s totally fresh.


SEVENTEEN is well-known for the wide variety of genres that the group covers in its discography, but there’s something really special about their new track “_WORLD.” It has a sort of disco feel to it that’s a little nostalgic, but the sweet vocals and addictive melody are super refreshing. SEVENTEEN proves that bubblegum can still feel refined!

3. TWICE’s Nayeon – “POP!”

In the solo debut heard ’round the world, TWICE’s Nayeon brought a track that was all the best of bubblegum K-pop. “POP!” is catchy, fun, and fierce, and it really shows off what Nayeon does best. It’s got real big “song of the summer” energy, and it is sure to get stuck in your head on the very first listen. Be warned!

4. THE BOYZ – “Sweet”

Even the music video for “Sweet” captures the fun, colorful essence of summer, and the song is every bit as great! Every verse has that head-bopping energy that THE BOYZ’s discography is known for, and the chorus is so addicting that you’ll find yourself singing it everywhere you go. Bring on the bubblegum!

5. LOONA – “Flip That”

LOONA is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to K-pop, and “Flip That” is unapologetically bubblegum while still incorporating the group’s standout style. The music video also totally screams summer, and there’s a lot to be inspired by when it comes to summer fashion and makeup. Plus, LOONA’s vocals never miss!

6. Super Junior – “Mango”

A legendary K-pop group in their own right, Super Junior’s summer release really proved that bubblegum is back and better than ever. With a slightly sweet disco style and a classic guitar line, “Mango” shows that the bubblegum style isn’t just for kids.  If you like more of a laid-back but still upbeat track, this is for you!

7. HyunA – “Nabillera”

HyunA is undeniably a queen of summer bops, so if HyunA says that bubblegum is back, then bubblegum is back! “Nabillera” is a fantastic blend of HyunA’s sassy sound and a saccharine pre-chorus that contrasts in a really fun way. It’s one of the most unique tracks on the list, and it’s a total banger!

8. P1HARMONY – “Doom Du Doom”

While not strictly a “bubblegum” track, P1HARMONY’s “Doom Du Doom” combines several genres to create its own style that blends bubblegum with punk pop. The song is undeniably energetic and an instant mood-lifter, which means that it’s a great track for those hot summer days when you just feel too tired to move!


VIVIZ is really making a splash with the group’s unabashedly bubblegum sound, and “LOVEADE” puts a special summer twist on that style. The song is a great way to take your mind off of your worries for a bit – not to mention that the point choreography is so sweet and simple that it might just get stuck in your head too!

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