Watch: IU And BTS's J-Hope Perform Duets Of Each Other's Songs, Discuss Similarities In Their Careers And Personalities, And More

BTS’s J-Hope was the latest guest on IU’s web talk show “IU’s Palette”!

IU introduced J-Hope and revealed that this was their first time sharing an actual conversation. To grow more friendly and familiar with each other, the two began talking about their common interests and similarities.

Among all their similarities, the two stars agreed that their greatest connection was their early start in achieving their dreams. J-Hope shared that he performed in a talent show in fifth grade and was blown away by the positive response from his peers, which helped him realize he was destined for the stage.

On “IU’s Palette,” IU and her guests perform live versions of each other’s songs. After talking briefly about J-Hope’s new solo album “Jack In The Box,” the two prepared for their performances as IU shared, “For the first time in ‘Palette’ filming history, [J-Hope] came and rehearsed at our practice room.”

The two performed J-Hope’s “Equal Sign” from his new album “Jack In The Box.” Following their performance, IU commented, “The lyrics are very hopeful. Now that we’ve sung a song together, it feels like we’ve grown much closer. That’s because of the lyrics. Singing lyrics like ‘we’re not that different’ made me really think that way.” After, IU and J-Hope gave a duet performance of IU’s remake track “Pierrot Laughs At Us.”

Prior to the release of J-Hope’s “Jack In The Box,” he held a listening party with a star-studded guest list. He explained that rather than this being a gathering of close friends, it was a big challenge for him.

J-Hope elaborated, “To be honest, there really aren’t a lot of people around me. That’s why this album doesn’t have many featuring artists.” Regarding why he chose to throw a listening party, J-Hope shared, “I wanted to create a space where I could say, ‘I’m someone who makes this kind of music,’ as if handing out my business card.” In response, IU made everyone laugh as she joked, “Why didn’t you invite me?”

To close, J-Hope spoke about his upcoming appearance at Lollapalooza and shared what kind of musician he wants to be remembered as through “Jack In The Box.” Finally, J-Hope gave a performance of his new b-side “Safety Zone.”

Watch the full episode with English subtitles below!

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