Love Is In The Air: 5 Reasons To Watch

The highly-anticipated series “Dear.M” finally aired this summer, and fans are still swooning. From the familiar faces in the cast to the delightful storyline, every episode of the romantic comedy is worthwhile. In the drama, Ma Joo Ah (Park Hye Soo), Seo Ji Min (Noh Jung Ui), and Hwang Bo Young (Woo Davi) are roommates and quickly become the closest girlfriends, while Cha Min Ho (NCT’s Jaehyun), Park Ha Neul (Bae Hyun Sung), and Gil Mok Jin (Lee Jin Hyuk) are put together in the boys dormitory and form a great bond. During the course of one semester, these six college students experience their first loves.

There are numerous reasons why you need to watch this series as soon as possible. Take a look at five reasons this show is one you can’t miss!

Warning: minor spoilers for the drama below:

1. NCT’s Jaehyun in a leading role.

In “Dear.M,” NCT’s Jaehyun plays Cha Min Ho, a devoted best friend to Park Hye Soo’s character Ma Joo Ah. “Dear.M.” is supposed to be his very first acting role, and he is a natural talent. Jaehyun makes you believe he’s truly best friends with his roommates, and you can feel the raw emotion in his scenes when Cha Min Ho expresses his longtime love for Ma Joo Ah. Just like NCT’s hit songs, the only way Jaehyun can go from here is up!

2. “Dear.M” has connections to “Love Playlist.”

“Dear.M” is a spin-off of the popular “Love Playlist” series, which will add to the fun for fans of the web drama. “Love Playlist” is all about college students experiencing their firsts in life. Their stories are filled with first drinking games, college classes, and friendships. Lee Hyun Seung (Kim Hyung Suk), Jung Ji Won (Jung Shin Hye), Han Jae In (Lee Yoo Jin), and Kim Min Woo (Choi Hee Seung) were members of the large group of main friends while Park Ha Neul, Jung Pu Reum (Park Shi Ahn), and Seo Ji Min joined the upperclassmen group in the latter seasons as fresh underclassmen.

In the early episodes, Park Ha Neul’s friend Jung Pu Reum is briefly mentioned. The drama explains that she won’t be on campus because she is taking part in an exchange program. And even Joo Chan (Jung Jun Hwan) enlists in the military. Fans of “Love Playlist” will fondly remember Park Ha Neul’s close friends. In particular, Park Ha Neul’s connection with Jung Pu Reum was the strongest! Not only were they best friends, but they flirted with the idea of dating each other, although he eventually realized his first love to be Seo Ji Min. It’s great to see they didn’t forget about the people surrounding Park Ha Neul.

3. Everyone falls in love.

From the six main characters to the supporting ones, everyone is discovering their first loves in this show, which means a variety of scenarios are illustrated for our viewing pleasure. For example, we see Ma Joo Ah experience love at first sight during her routine commute to school. She is completely taken by a handsome stranger on the bus! A longtime couple, friendships evolving into something more, love at first sight, and unrequited love are all also on full display. Each sweet episode will have you rooting for your favorite pairs.

4. There is a mystery lover!

There’s a mystery element to this drama when someone at the college starts writing love notes on the school message board. Sweet messages begin appearing online on a regular basis, and everyone suspects each other of writing the confessions. The original author is finally revealed in the last episode, but you will never guess who it is! From the first episode to the last, the mystery lover is the driving force behind the series, and they heavily influence everyone’s actions toward their crushes.

5. A “School 2021” cast member transforms into a thrilling villain.

Do you know the character Kang Seo Young from “School 2021“? She is played by the talented actress Hwang Bo Reum Byeol! In “School 2021,” Kang Seo Young is a popular student with an aloof attitude. She is the beauty of the school who has a lonely home life as an orphan. Nonetheless, Kang Seo Young has a solid friendship with Go Eun Bi (Seo Hee Seon) and wins her crush’s heart.

In “Dear.M,” Hwang Bo Reum Byeol takes on the role of mean girl Choi Ro Sa, and the character is full of surprises. She has a big crush on a main star, pretends to be best friends with their significant other, and has an overflowing amount of jealousy that manifests over time. She is the villain you love to hate who still has a side that you can’t help but relate to.

All in all, “Dear.M” is a heartwarming K-drama that has a feel-good story. From first love and solid friendships to relatable characters, you don’t want to miss this one!

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