Kang Tae Oh Talks About Kiss Scene With Park Eun Bin In

On July 29, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Kang Tae Oh appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

The drama tells the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), a young lawyer with Asperger’s syndrome who joins a major law firm. Due to her high IQ of 164, impressive memory, and creative thought process, the brilliant Woo Young Woo graduates at the top of her class from the prestigious Seoul National University for both college and law school – but she still finds herself struggling when it comes to social interactions.

First off, Kang Tae Oh expressed his excitement about being on the radio program. He commented, “I’m so nervous because it’s a live broadcast, but I’ll think of it as a good memory and have a good time.”

According to Nielsen Korea, the 10th episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” scored an average nationwide rating of 15.2 percent. Radio DJ Kim Shin Young commented, “If the viewership ratings surpass 20 percent, how about you appear on the show again?” To that, Kang Tae Oh happily accepted the offer, saying, “I’d be really grateful.”

Concerning the kiss scene from episode 10 that went viral, Kang Tae Oh explained, “It was late, and as you saw, we had to film in the hallway of an apartment, so we had to be quiet. I was very nervous because it was a kiss scene. I talked more sweetly to Eun Bin noona than usual.”

On the line “I think it would be better if you open up your mouth a bit more,” the actor confessed, “I was burdened about what to do. I thought that line would change depending on how I said it. So I tried to check out the atmosphere at the scene. Eun Bin noona led the romantic atmosphere while acting, so it just happened naturally.”

Kang Tae Oh recalled the moment he read the script for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” the first time. He remarked, “Honestly, I can’t read fast, but I just absorbed [this script]. The same goes for delicious food. You can eat it smoothly. I felt that it was a warm drama where the lines melted in my mouth. I thought it would be great to join [the drama] regardless of the role, so I said I would definitely do it.”

Regarding the scene where his character takes off Woo Young Woo’s eyelash, he stated, “Lee Joon Ho (his character’s name) got a bit flirty. [People] said that Lee Joon Ho is like a fox, but I denied it. However, when I saw that scene, I thought he was too much.”

“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Kang Tae Oh in “Doom at Your Service“:

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