Yook Sungjae, Jung Chaeyeon, Yeonwoo, Lee Jong Won, And More Get In Sync At Script Reading For Webtoon-Based Drama

MBC has released photos from the first script reading of their upcoming Friday-Saturday drama!

“The Golden Spoon” is based on a webtoon of the same name and tells the story about a child born from a poor family who uses a mysterious golden spoon to switch fates with a friend born from a wealthy family.

Present at the first script reading for “The Golden Spoon” were director Song Hyun Wook and writers Yoon Eun Kyung and Kim Eun Hee. They were joined by cast members BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Lee Jong Won, DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon, Yeonwoo, Choi Won Young, Son Yeo Eun, Choi Dae Chul, Han Chae Ah, Song Ok Sook, and more. Despite having actors of all ages from all different generations, the cast showcased their excellent synergy right from their first meeting.

Yook Sungjae stars as student Lee Seung Chun, who dreams of turning his life around with the golden spoon. At the reading, Yook Sungjae displayed incredible chemistry with his co-stars and portrayed his character’s sweet side.

Lee Jong Won plays Hwang Tae Yong who ends up swapping fates with his friend Lee Seung Chun against his will. With a mysterious golden spoon tying Lee Seung Chun and Hwang Tae Yong together, viewers can look forward to seeing the chemistry between Yook Sungjae and Lee Jong Won.

DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon stars as the honest and just Na Joo Hee who is born into a chaebol family. Yeonwoo portrays the pretty and bold Oh Yeo Jin, who was also raised in a wealthy family. The two stars impressed with their bright and lovely acting, showcasing great synchronization with their roles.

Lee Seung Chun and Hwang Tae Yong’s parents will be played by Choi Won Young, Choi Dae Chul, Han Chae Ah, and Son Yeo Eun, who all demonstrated their passion with their realistic portrayal of married couples.

Song Ok Sook plays the mysterious “golden spoon grandma,” who is one of the most important aspects of the drama, but whose true identity is yet to be revealed. Additionally, Lee In Hye appears as writer Wang, Jang Ryul as Seo Joon Tae, Kim Eun Soo as Lee Dong Kyung, and Jo Deok Hoe as Park Jae Don.

“The Golden Spoon” will premiere this September.

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