5 Ominous Moments In Episodes 11-12 Of “If You Wish Upon Me” That Have Us Nervous

After last week’s cliffhanger, “If You Wish Upon Me” returns with a pair of episodes that seems to be setting us up for quite the climactic reveal. Enemies regroup and allies grow complacent as the hospital staff still aren’t fully cognizant of the intruder in their midst. Yoon Gyeo Re (Ji Chang Wook) takes front and center this week as a man ready and eager to rehabilitate himself. But his enemies aren’t about to relinquish him so quickly, and one final reckoning seems to be well on its way to arrival. Here are five of this week’s most ominous moments, foreshadowing turmoil for our favorite ambulance driver.

Warning: spoilers for episodes 11-12 below.

1. Gyeo Re’s moral code

After fulfilling the ailing Song Chang Woo’s (Kim Gui Seon’s) wish to find an old friend he knew in the past, Gyeo Re is furious upon finding just why the man made the wish. It turns out that many, many years ago, Song Chang Woo and his friend were suspects in a murder investigation. The officer in charge knew that Chang Woo was innocent but tortured him until he agreed to frame his friend who ended up going to jail for decades until the real murderer was found. The friend never recovered from the experience, was unable to find work, and lived a simple existence with his wife and daughter until passing away.

Chang Woo is devastated to hear of the consequences of his actions, and while Kang Tae Shik (Sung Dong Il) is understanding and says that all of this was the police officer’s fault for torturing him, Gyeo Re is much less sympathetic. He’s actually furious, arguing that Chang Woo’s youth at the time doesn’t excuse the fact that he ruined someone else’s life. It’s an easy high ground to take for Gyeo Re because we know that he would never do such a thing no matter how much he was tortured. So he can’t forgive anyone who would act differently.

This is ominous in that it raises the question of how Gyeo Re will react upon finding Tae Shik’s past life as a relatively sleazy person in a sleazy business, similar to the gangster he tried so hard to leave. Gyeo Re is aware that Tae Shik was no angel, but will the details of his past be enough to tear a hole in their relationship?

2. Jun Kyung and Seok Joon’s ominous deal

Ha Jun Kyung (Won Ji An) has always been a bit off-kilter, but she reaches new heights of madness after Gyeo Re’s perceived betrayal. Having realized that Jang Seok Joon (Nam Tae Hoon) has feelings for her, she proceeds to use him in classic abuser fashion. First, she builds him up by planting a kiss on him and going on a date, to dinner, and to the movies. Seok Joon is over the moon, especially because she doesn’t act like anything is wrong.

Then comes the clincher. During the movie, Jun Kyung casually leans over to Seok Joon with a smile and asks him to kill her and Gyeo Re. This girl. Seok Joon is left in complete shock, realizing that he was being played.

He never had any illusions that Jun Kyung had feelings for him, but he hoped that, at the very least, she would enjoy his company enough to be genuinely happy. She even told him that he may not have been good to Gyeo Re growing up, but he was always good to her, and she appreciated that. But with this, he realizes once and for all that Jun Kyung will never be happy unless she has Gyeo Re. And given that Gyeo Re will never be happy around Jun Kyung, that means that someone has to go. It can’t just be Gyeo Re because that would devastate Jun Kyung. Ending them both seems to be the only way. After many a brawl as Seok Joon tries to come to a decision, he finally agrees and asks Jun Kyung if this is really what she wants. When she agrees, a heartbroken Seok Joon leaves looking grim in a manner that can only spell trouble for Gyeo Re.

3. Tae Shik’s chemotherapy and seeing Jun Kyung at the same hospital

After Tae Shik’s collapse on the way to fulfilling Song Chang Woo’s wish, Gyeo Re gets him to promise to have chemo. He tearfully frames it that Tae Shik vowed to live a better life and that this meant Tae Shik was obliged to live as long as he could, granting as many wishes as he can. Seeing how upset Gyeo Re and Seo Yeon Joo (Sooyoung) are, Tae Shik gently agrees to undergoing chemo. Yet, in private, he ruefully remarks to Chang Woo that Gyeo Re has no idea just how painful chemo is or he wouldn’t have asked Tae Shik to do it. Still, he made a promise, and he plans on keeping it.

Tae Shik leaves the hospice with Gyeo Re’s firm promise to take care of everything in his stead. But there’s a familiar face at the hospital he’s admitted into: Jun Kyung. Tae Shik recognizes her with concern as Jun Kyung still looks pretty manic. It’s unclear as to what she’s still at the hospital for, given that she didn’t suffer any long-lasting injuries from her attempt to take her life. Plus she was going on dates with Seok Joon without any apparent discomfort. But the meeting foreshadows danger given the gang members surrounding Jun Kyung at every turn. These are the same gang members that cornered Tae Shik for mysterious unknown reasons.

Should Tae Shik attempt to work the same magic on Jun Kyung that he did on Gyeo Re, he will not only find her unreceptive but could quickly find himself in danger. Knowing Tae Shik, he might try to do just that! And he isn’t the only one who could end up in hot water because of a soft heart.

4. Gyeo Re’s assistants

Gyeo Re’s on a mission to make the hospice a happier place, and when he spots two children stuck by the bedside of their comatose grandmother, he knows he’s found another mission. The two children have been waiting for weeks for their grandmother to awaken, but she’s showing no signs of recovery. In the meantime, their future is in jeopardy because they don’t have a legal guardian. Gyeo Re sees himself in them and appoints the kids as his assistants. He shepherds them as they help out around the hospital and appoints them junior members of Team Genie.

The children love him because Gyeo Re is a wonderful person and genuinely understands what it’s like to be young and to have your future dictated by adults who don’t have your best interests at heart. That’s one of the reasons he balks hard when he finds the children’s purported “aunt” and “uncle” at the hospital demanding custody of the kids. One look at the purported relatives is enough for Gyeo Re to know that they are trouble, are probably not the kids’ relatives, and will very likely harm them. But he has no proof, and he isn’t a blood relation to boot, so he has no ability to keep the children at the hospital. He defers them for now, but he knows he’ll have no choice but to let the children go. Gyeo Re’s determination that no one else ends up like him might prove dangerous because these fake relatives look like the kind of bad that can slip out of everything, leaving the people trying to catch them caught in a trap. One can only hope that Gyeo Re can keep himself and the children safe!

5. Yoon Ki Choon awakens

It’s fair to say that Yoon Ki Choon (Nam Kyeong Joo) has been awake for a while now and is up to no good throughout the entirety of it. Gyeo Re is the first to find out and nearly has the fright of his life. He doesn’t recognize his father, which is quite realistic given how long it’s been (and Ki Choon’s hair and beard), but he knows that this man waking up could mean bad news for Tae Shik. So he stays silent about Ki Choon to protect Tae Shik and also because Ki Choon seems to have lost his memory.

Gyeo Re isn’t the sort to punish an innocent man, and he wrests with the fact that this new blank slate Ki Choon isn’t the same one who ruined Tae Shik’s life, so he can’t hate him for that. But Gyeo Re remains suspicious of Ki Choon, and it’s a good thing he is because it seems that Ki Choon is faking his memory loss. Everything he does during his waking hours is intended to gleefully cause harm. He appears to slightly slice Yeon Joo’s neck with a scissor while she’s unconscious. He seems to forcibly cut Choi Deok Ja’s (Gil Hae Yeon’s) hair when she begs him not to, and only her dementia saves him from being outed to Team Genie. He also steals Gyeo Re’s money because he’s probably planning his escape!

Gyeo Re quickly starts to realize that things aren’t adding up, no matter how often Ki Choon goes to the hospice’s chapel to pray. When he finds his money gone, Ki Choon is his first suspect. But he needs to tread carefully for Tae Shik’s sake. He’s conversed with Ki Choon enough to know that he has a son whom he hopes to make up with but nothing more. Dr. Yang Chi Hoon (Shin Ju Hwan) also gets suspicious when he checks on Ki Choon and finds him not wearing the ventilator that he was wearing minutes earlier. We end with Gyeo Re finding a picture of him in Ki Choon’s wallet and realizing that this is his father. As he breaks down in shock, Ki Choon calmly says hi.

It isn’t clear when the last scene takes place, but the secret seems to be out! Did Ki Choon recognize Gyeo Re from the beginning upon hearing his name? Is Tae Shik going to survive chemotherapy? Can Gyeo Re save his newest helpers? And what on earth is Seok Joon about to pull? This week’s episodes raise a plethora of questions that promise to have damaging answers next week. With only four episodes left at the end, we have more than enough time for a happy ending. So here’s hoping we get one! Because Yeon Joo and Gyeo Re remain too cute!

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