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The dreaded fallout has arrived at last. “If You Wish Upon Me” brings out every secret as it heads into its final week, and the consequences are devastating. Yoon Gyeo Re (Ji Chang Wook) and Kang Tae Shik (Sung Dong Il) wrestle with the past as Yoon Ki Chun (Nam Kyung Joo) does his best to ruin both their lives. As murder and chaos reign supreme in the hospice, here are our top four conflicts from this week’s episodes!

Warning: spoilers for episodes 13-14 below.

1. Seok Joon versus the world

After being asked by Ha Jun Kyung (Won Ji An) to end her life and Gyeo Re’s, Seok Joon (Nam Tae Hoon) goes off the rails and quite literally burns it all down. We finally get some insight into Gyeo Re’s biggest tormentor besides Jun Kyung, and it’s pretty horrific. Seok Joon was taken to the orphanage after his family committed a murder-suicide by fire. Only he survived the attempt but was left severely traumatized. After years as a gangster spent pining for a girl who would literally rather die than consider trying to build a life with anyone who isn’t Gyeo Re, Seok Joon finally hits his tipping point and decides to destroy the world that did this to him and Jun Kyung.

He starts with his gangster boss, freeing all the cam girls they forced to work for him, then burns down the building. Next up, he sends his last words to Jun Kyung, vowing that he’ll see her after death and hoping that he can make her smile then. But as Seok Joon prepares for the finale, the unlikeliest of wrenches appears in his plans.

2. Jun Kyung versus Tae Shik

As predicted, once Tae Shik knows that Jun Kyung is at the hospital, he does his best to reform her, even digging into her past to find out more about how she ended up at the orphanage. But Jun Kyung is surprisingly amenable to the intervention. She doesn’t recognize Tae Shik at first but then starts to visit him upon remembering seeing him with Gyeo Re. Tae Shik asks whether she’s visiting him and bringing him food out of a desire to use him to get close to Gyeo Re, but her answer is surprisingly sad. She saw that Gyeo Re was happy around him and wondered if Tae Shik could have that effect on her as well. Tae Shik gets worried when she confides that she has asked Seok Joon to end her life and Gyeo Re’s.

He reveals to her that she was one of the three people who survived the same apartment fire that took the lives of Seok Joon’s family. Only in her case, she survived because her mother used her own body to shield her. Jun Kyung seems to have repressed those memories due to trauma and sobs at the realization that she wasn’t left at the orphanage for a lack of love but because her mother had so much that she gave her life for Jun Kyung’s, the same life that Jun Kyung has been trying to throw away for so long. She frantically tries to contact Seok Joon to call off the murders, but is it too late?

3. Gyeo Re versus himself

It’s no secret that Gyeo Re’s grown attached to his two helpers at the hospice. He sees himself in them and grows worried when their relatives (an uncle and aunt whom he suspects aren’t really their relatives) show up to claim parental status over the child. He shadows the two from afar and fears the worst when he sees the man yelling at one of the employees of his chicken restaurant. Things come to a head when the children’s ailing grandmother passes away, leaving the children required by law to go to their guardians. Throughout the whole process, Gyeo Re is behind himself, worried that the children will be abused the way he was. He watches over them at the funeral to the point that Seo Yeon Joo (Sooyoung) laughs that he looks like their dad.

He chases after a greedy relation who attempts to steal the children’s piggybank money (really though, why are people like this?), and he repeatedly tells the children to call him if anything bad happens. So when he checks his phone to find a million missed calls, he loses it, races over to the chicken store, and threatens the aunt and uncle with a broken bottle, asking if they’ve hit the children.

Only, he finds that all is fine — the children just wanted to see him. Gyeo Re finally realizes to his horror that he has been projecting this whole time. The children’s aunt speaks to him in private, and to his shock, thanks him for watching over the children, saying that she’ll be keeping them extra safe because she knows that Gyeo Re will be watching over them like a dragon. But the whole encounter seriously unsettles Gyeo Re as he fears that some kernel of his father is inside him, something ugly and violent that could surface and ruin things when he least expects it. Gyeo Re doesn’t seem to understand that this projecting is a result of his abuse and doesn’t make him inherently abusive. It takes Yeon Joo to point that out because as always, she sees in him what he can’t see in himself.


4. Tae Shik, Gyeo Re, and Yeon Joo versus Yoon Ki Chun

Yoon Ki Chun is awake and in full form, which is not a good thing for Team Genie. At first, he tries to pay the repentant amnesiac. Then when Gyeo Re finds out that Ki Chun is his father and has a panic attack, Ki Chun tries to act like he’s changed. But a leopard doesn’t change his spots, and we soon find that Ki Chun is the same ugly person he always was.

He encouraged Choi Deok Ja (Gil Hae Yeon) to cut her own hair and laughed while she was doing it. He stole the money Gyeo Re took from the gangsters because in his eyes, his flesh and blood is required to be loyal to him and only him. It’s an unfathomable sort of entitlement where he thinks he deserves every inch of Gyeo Re’s life because he brought him into the world (it was your wife who did the work, Ki Chun). He’s clearly part of the same gang that’s been ruining Gyeo Re’s life, so it’s actually surprising that him and Gyeo Re didn’t run into each other sooner.

Ki Chun plays every dirty card in the book: threatening a hospital nurse to spread rumors about Gyeo Re being behind the murder of a social worker at the hospice, stealing morphine from the hospital to sell on the black market, blackmailing Yeon Joo to have Tae Shik arrested — he leaves all of Team Genie a mess. The sad thing is that his strategy works. The people who used to indulgently watch Gyeo Re now talk about him behind his back, and it’s all Gyeo Re can do not to break down. Yeon Joo seriously considers putting herself at risk to capture evidence that Ki Chun was behind the murder of the social worker. Everyone is prepared to put themselves on the line when Tae Shik gets wind of what’s happened and storms there in a rush. The best part is when he calls Yeon Joo to tell her not to sacrifice anything for him. Yay! No noble idiocy!

A tearful Yeon Joo speeds to the hospice, knowing that Tae Shik is about to take matters into his own hands, and that’s when we get our final showdown. The gangsters are here in full force, welcoming Ki Chun back into their fold and destroying hospice equipment. Tae Shik is heartbroken to realize just how much Team Genie loves him to keep Ki Chun’s survival a secret for so long but determined not to let him destroy them. Gyeo Re shows up, equally determined to destroy his dad and his past once and for all but is quickly subdued by the gangsters.

And that’s where the show leaves us! Though this feels like the final showdown, it’s very likely that this could instead be a temporary defeat for Gyeo Re before he and Team Genie (hopefully accompanied by Jun Kyung and Seok Joon) rally back to tear down Ki Chun and the gangsters once and for all. Here’s hoping that everyone survives this final battle, Tae Shik included! Next week will tell!

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