Jung Il Woo Makes A Drastic Transformation While Living A Double Life In

Jung Il Woo has spoke about his transformation in the upcoming drama “Good Job”!

ENA’s “Good Job” is a mystery drama that follows the romance between chaebol Eun Sun Woo (Jung Il Woo), who leads a second life as a detective, and Don Se Ra (Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri), a woman with super vision.

Eun Sun Woo leads a charming double life and looks to be a perfect man who has good looks and is smart, athletic, and good at fighting. When asked why he chose to star in “Good Job,” Jung Il Woo shared, “I was drawn to the new genre of mixing in romance to a mystery drama.”

He continued, “It was also charming that through the character of Eun Sun Woo, who lives a double life by crossing over as a chaebol and a detective, I would be able to showcase a colorful image instead of a typical chaebol role.”

Jung Il Woo elaborated on his role, calling Eun Sun Woo a “narcissistic tsundere.” He explained, “Eun Sun Woo is a perfect man who has wealth, skill, and good looks. If there’s something he lacks, it’s humility. It’s to the point where he looks at the best detective Sherlock Holmes and says, ‘Besides being a bit more famous than me, he can’t compare to my looks, personality, or fortune.'”

He added, “Although Sun Woo appears arrogant and cold, once you get to know him, he has a sweet heart and the charm of being tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.”

Regarding his preparations to essentially play two different roles, Jung Il Woo shared, “In order to showcase two different images with one character, I focused a lot on visuals. I tried to express chaebol Sun Woo as a ‘young boss’ who is competent and a trendsetter. When he’s a detective, he gets in disguise often so I paid a lot of attention to showing a very unconventional image. Also, after getting in disguise, I worked really hard to showcase acting that suit the character in disguise.”

Amping up the excitement for the premiere, Jung Il Woo commented, “In this project, I think you’ll be able to meet a gift bundle of Jung Il Woo’s new images that have never been seen before. I’m really nervous and excited because I want to gift viewers the gift set I’ve prepared as soon as possible.”

ENA’s “Good Job” premieres on August 24 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki! In the meantime, you can check out a teaser here!

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