8 Iconic K-pop Collabs We Still Can't Believe Are Real

Ever wondered what it would look like if your biases got to collaborate? Well, for some lucky K-pop fans, they don’t have to wonder! As more idols take creative control over their music, it has become much more commonplace in recent years for crossovers to happen between different acts. Here are eight brilliant K-pop collaborations that we still can’t believe really happened!

1. TWICE’s Nayeon and Stray Kids’ Felix – “No Problem”

In her debut release, TWICE’s Nayeon gifted fans with “No Problem,” a cheerful English-language disco track about an unstoppable love. To the delight of many, Nayeon also enlisted the help of label-mate Felix of Stray Kids for a playful rap verse on this track!

2. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon – “Dessert”

Equal parts sweet and sassy, Jeon Soyeon was the perfect choice as a feature on Hyoyeon’s “Dessert.” In addition to her infectious rap introduction, the (G)I-DLE leader and rapper even made an appearance in the song’s music video. Two of the biggest female idols from their respective generations dancing side by side… what’s not to love?

3. BTS’s Jimin and Ha Sung Woon – “With You”

“Our Blues” was one of the biggest K-dramas of 2022, but its soundtrack took things to another level with an incredible collaboration between close friends BTS’s Jimin and Ha Sung Woon. Their synergy as friends shines through in this touching pop ballad, with Sung Woon’s ever-so-slightly husky voice melting seamlessly with Jimin’s signature sweet tone.

4. Chungha and BIBI – “Crazy Like You”

The captivating “Crazy Like You” from Chungha’s second studio album perfectly taps into the singer’s sultry side. And as if this song couldn’t get any better, BIBI makes a brief but impactful appearance in the second verse with her moody, velvety smooth voice.

5. SHINee’s Taemin and Red Velvet’s Seulgi – “Heart Stop”

Who would’ve thought a duet between two main dancers could sound so beautiful? In this light-hearted, lowkey dance track, Taemin and Seulgi show off their prowess as vocalists, and their unique voices perfectly express the push-and-pull of “Heart Stop.” Now if only they released a dance video for this song…

6. ENHYPEN and TXT’s Yeonjun – “Blockbuster”

The close friendship between the members of ENHYPEN and TXT is no secret, and perhaps that’s why Yeonjun sounded right at home in this track. Bursting into “Blockbuster” with a powerful self-written rap verse, Yeonjun perfectly embodies ENHYPEN’s signature mash-up of hip hop and pop-rock and adds a burst of edgy energy into the track.

7. SHINee’s Key and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “Hate That”

Why did it take this long for the most chaotic bestie duo in K-pop to release a song together? While Key and Taeyeon are all smiles and laughter when they’re together, the moody, melancholic “Hate That” from the former’s 2021 album is a heartbreakingly beautiful ode to lost love.

8. IU and BTS’s Suga – “Eight”

It’s no exaggeration to say that the world stopped in its tracks when IU and Suga finally teamed up for this track in 2020. The same-aged stars are among the best songwriters and producers in K-pop. Their music transcends the boundaries of language and offers warmth and comfort to their listeners, and “Eight” is no exception. Who do we have to call to get them to perform this together at a concert?

Which other K-pop artists do you wish to see working together in the future? Let us know in the comments!

Gladys Yeo is a longtime K-entertainment fan and university student majoring in Media and Asian Studies. Outside of school and writing, she can be found listening to K-pop girl groups or trying (and failing) to control her two pet corgis. Feel free to hit her up on Instagram or Twitter to chat about dramas, music, and life!

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