K-Pop Idols Who We Know Are Amazing With Kids

When it comes to K-pop, music, choreographies, and visuals are not the only things that make our hearts flutter. In fact, idol interactions are one of the most anticipated and equally appreciated tropes that fans just can’t get enough of. These connections can be between idols as individuals or between groups, or they can be between idols and other people from the entertainment industry or beyond it. Away from the spotlight (so-to-speak), I think it is unanimously agreed upon that the heartwarming exchange idols have with kids is simply precious.

To shed our own light on it, here are some K-pop idols who we know are amazing with kids!

1. Girls’ Generation

With Girls’ Generation’s recent return, nostalgia hit quite a bit. One of their memorable moments during the beginning of their career was their appearance on the reality TV show “Hello Baby” with baby Kyungsan. The members preciously took care of the baby back then and showcased their maternal instinct. A lot of emotions and memories were made in the process. Those feelings found these ladies 15 years later when they reunited with a now-teenager Kyungsan.

In their early days, Girls’ Generation also paid Sarang a visit on the set of “The Return of Superman,” and their entire interaction was wholesome.

2. SHINee

SHINee’s paternal skills are no secret to anyone, and they go way back to their early days. Just like their labelmates, they also featured on “Hello Baby” with the adorable Yoogeun who captured the boys’ hearts. You can see the members channel their inner dads to look after the baby, and it brings them as much joy as it does both Yoogeun and the viewers. Fast forward a few years later, the members haven’t lost their touch, and this time it’s with children who can express themselves clearly and have a lot to say about SHINee’s rich career.


When you watch MONSTA X variety shows, it almost seems as if they spend as much time with toddlers as they do performing. Moreover, their babysitting skills are unmatched, and the way they communicate with kids shows so much empathy and pure kindness. You’d think the following 10-minute compilation is from one show, but in fact, the members have interacted with kids in more than one setting. From “MONSTA X-RAY” to “MONSTA X’s Day With TwoTuckBebe,” their baby-oriented moments seem to be endless!

4. Jessi

Jessi has been opening up over the years and showing more layers that lie underneath her fierce persona. In case you missed it, the rapper has a thing for babies. You’ve read it right, she has quite the mommy potential and she’s mentioned it a few times in interviews. Better yet, when she showed up on an episode of “The Return of Superman” alongside Sayuri and her son Zen. In fact, Jessi knows exactly how to get a baby to open up to her, from making facial expressions that get him cracking into laughter to acting like she’s ignoring him to further catch his attention. I think we can all agree that she does it so naturally. Bonus: her talent extends to youngsters as well.

5. EXO’s Kai, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chen, Xiumin

“The Return of Superman” surely has a handful of A-list idols, and EXO is no stranger to that list. In fact, most of the members made an appearance on the show, and they bonded instantly with the children. Each member shined in his own way while showcasing his fatherhood potential, from feeding the kids to playing with them, or simply holding an adult-child conversation that is the epitome of pureness. Better yet, we can say with confidence that these skills they have acquired throughout the years have come in handy since Chen is a happy father of two and the rest are practically their uncles.

6. BTS’s V

If anyone asks “Which BTS member is father material?” the answer would be Kim Taehyung in a heartbeat. Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook’s names might also drop as honorable mentions, but V takes the throne in this one. His kindness, innocence, and relatability to children of all ages make his exchange with kids look so effortless. You only need to see him interact with children once to instantly pick up on his parent potential. One thing is sure: fans are counting the days to see V finally have kids of his own.


What happens when a bunch of cutie pies gets together on the screen? Everybody smiles while watching them. Watching Sana, Nayeon, and Jihyo run after the twins on “The Return of Superman” and playing along shows their aptitude to deal with kids’ mischief. Their reactions are also well thought-out, which makes the boys quite comfortable around them. When the entire group shows up a few months later, you can tell that these fine ladies all exhibit fun mom vibes and get along quite well with the rest of the children. The two clips below are solid proof!


This feature cannot be complete without WINNER’s “Half Moon Friends” variety program. When this show started, snippets of it were all over the internet, showing the relationship of the then-quintet with the children they looked after for a substantial amount of time. There were many teaching moments, many quarrels, many laughters, and inevitably many tears. Thankfully, these tears were mainly happy ones. The kids’ last message to the members draws a perfect timeline of everything they have experienced together, leading to a bitter-sweet yet heartwarming goodbye.

Which K-pop idol you know is amazing with kids? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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