Reasons Why Girls' Generation's YoonA Is Captivating Viewers In

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is continuing to impress viewers each week on “Big Mouth”!

MBC’s “Big Mouth” is a hard-boiled noir drama starring Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho, a third-rate lawyer who winds up in charge of a murder case that turns him overnight into a genius con artist known as “Big Mouse.” In order to survive and protect his family, including wife Go Mi Ho (YoonA), the “big-mouthed” lawyer must expose a huge conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

As the drama’s plot continues to thicken and Go Mi Ho must step up for her husband, here are three main reasons why YoonA is captivating the audience of “Big Mouth”!

1. Girl crush female lead

Go Mi Ho is a refreshing character who resolves the frustrations of viewers with her quick wits, solving situations on her own accord and combining her intelligence with her actions. She’s an incredibly forward character who casually ignores bullying from her co-workers. Even in fearful situations where someone is coming after her, Go Mi Ho only remains scared for a brief moment before courageously chasing them back and identifying them.

When she discovers a leak in her home, Go Mi Ho confidently sets off to regain her rights as a representative for her family. When the detective asks rude questions, she counters with just as much force, shifting the atmosphere.

In a recent episode, Go Mi Ho also succeeded at locating the whereabouts of the thesis written by Professor Seo (Park Hoon), showcasing her problem solving abilities as well as her competitive nature. Stay tuned for even more exciting moments that capture Go Mi Ho’s strong will.

2. Widened acting spectrum

While YoonA has appeared in a wide variety of films and dramas, her role as Go Mi Ho expands her acting spectrum even further. “Big Mouth” is YoonA’s first noir drama and thus offers the chance for her to display a new side of herself. When YoonA must portray Go Mi Ho’s strong and charismatic side, she uses a deeper voice tone with clear diction. To convey Go Mi Ho’s loneliness and affection, YoonA adds to the drama with her sorrowful tears and detailed emotions.

As Go Mi Ho is a veteran nurse, she must be familiar with difficult medical terminology. In order to do so naturally, YoonA received advice from real life medical professionals. For her marching band scene, YoonA personally visited a real high school and practiced for long periods of time with the heavy drum sticks until her hands were blistered and bruised. YoonA’s dedication captures her desire to perfect each and every scene.

3. Living up to her beauty

No matter how much time goes by and what kind of role she is portraying, YoonA always blows the audience away with her perfect appearance – which continues to be evident in “Big Mouth.” Right off the bat, YoonA impressed with her seamless transformation into a nurse and impressed even further with her gorgeous employee ID photo.

As the story moves back and forth throughout time, YoonA has portrayed Go Mi Ho at all different ages, including high school, university, and as a young adult. Styling herself perfectly for each age and scenario, YoonA has captivated viewers with her timeless beauty.

Even before the “Big Mouth” premiere, viewers were incredibly excited to see the chemistry between YoonA and Lee Jong Suk. Starting off with their adorable puppy love, the couple develops a deeper and more mature relationship when they’re forced to be apart, showcasing their sorrow and longing for one another.

“Big Mouth” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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