Exclusive Interview: BAE173 Dishes On “ODYSSEY : DaSH” Comeback, Shares Food Recommendations, And More

BAE173 is back with their fourth mini album “ODYSSEY : DaSH”!

Along with their comeback, the members took some time to answer a few questions for international fans.

Check out their interview below!

What are your favorite lyrics from this album?

Doha: “No interrupt my way” from “DaSH.”
Youngseo: “I keep it under my toes” from “toez.”
J-Min: “My flow is, as you know, isn’t possible to achieve with practice” from “get him UGH.”

What was the most memorable part of preparing for this comeback?

Hangyul: The food truck on set of the music video was really delicious, so I remember working hard on filming while waiting for meal times.
Junseo: We changed the main choreography several times because we wanted to make the choreography more memorable for fans, so there are like three or four versions.

What is a drama you have enjoyed watching recently?

Bit: “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”
Muzin: “My Liberation Notes”

What Korean food would you like to recommend to international fans?

Muzin: Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes).
Yoojun: Kimchi fried rice.

What is your TMI of the day?

Dohyon: I went to go buy coffee with Yoojun.
Yoojun: I ate a hamburger!

Please share a word for international fans!

Hangyul: Thank you so much for supporting BAE173, and we will show our charms to you even more!! I love you!!
Dohyon: So thankful for all the attention guys. Love you all ❤️

Watch BAE173’s “DaSH” music video below:

Also check out their message to Soompi readers:

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