Oh My Girl's Mimi Reflects On Venturing Solo In

Oh My Girl’s Mimi has talked about her recent solo activities with Esquire magazine!

After focusing on Oh My Girl’s group promotions for the majority of her career, Mimi has recently ventured more into solo activities and she was asked how she felt about that shift. She commented, “I’m currently filming the survival variety show ‘The Second World’ and it’s harder than I thought to fill the stage and a song by myself. Before I tried, I was really looking forward to it, but after trying, it’s fun while also being difficult. I’ve started realizing things that I didn’t know about when I was with my Oh My Girl members. Just as an experience itself, this is a precious time.”

Mimi elaborated on promoting solo, sharing, “This year is my eighth year since debuting. During this time, I didn’t have many individual activities and as we thought of our team, we spent it very close-knit with each other.”

She continued, “Then like lightning, there were more moments where I was standing on stage alone and in front of the camera alone, so it wasn’t easy. That’s why I have this concern these days. ‘What kind of performance did I want to give, what kind of music did I like, and what kind of artist did I want to become?’ As I continue gaining experience, I’m gradually moving forward.”

In addition to competing on JTBC’s “The Second World,” Mimi is currently appearing as a fixed cast member on producing director (PD) Na Young Suk’s tvN variety show “Earth Arcade.” When asked about what it’s like to be filmed all day for the program, Mimi responded, “I’m quite shy so it was hard at first. I’m the type to be shy on my own and not show it to others.” Laughing, she added, “It’s like fighting with myself in my head.”

Mimi elaborated, “Even while filming I would constantly think, ‘I have to step up and speak in moments like this, I have to do well.’ The filming period was over a total of 10 days and on our second or third day there, I contacted a close friend and asked for advice. That I didn’t feel like I was meshing in well in the broadcast. After I said that, my friend said this. ‘Don’t be overly greedy. You just have to comfortably be yourself.'”

She added, “After I hung up and looked around, it really was a comfortable atmosphere. I figure that’s the strength of PD Na Young Suk’s filming set. That’s when I decided. ‘Let’s stop this inner conflict. If I do well, how well would I do? Let’s do it comfortably, as I am.’ After that, I had fun for all of the remaining filming. And was comfortable.”

Since she is so shy and introverted, Mimi was asked how she ended up deciding to become an idol. She shared, “There are numerous reasons. First, I followed in my older sisters’ footsteps and learned dance. My dream at the time was to become a cartoonist. I enjoyed drawing on my own.”

She added, “But people around me kept saying I was good at dancing. Then one friend encouraged me to go to an audition to become an idol trainee. That’s how I applied and passed my audition, and naturally I signed with my current agency and ended up here. Of course, this is a decision I made because I like singing and dancing and want to be on stage.”

As Mimi mentioned that her recent solo promotions reminded her of her trainee days, the interviewer asked what that makes her think about. She answered, “That I still have a lot to learn. But that I still have a lot that I want to show. ‘The Second World’ is a competition program. Before I made my decision [to appear on the show], there was pressure. But I thought that if I was to not do it and regret it, it’d be better to do it regardless of the result, which is how I ended up appearing.”

She continued, “Another big reason is my desire not to regret as well as my passion for music and being on stage. Although I still have worries about what it is that I like and how I should fill the stage, for starters, it’s fun. I think that maybe up until now, I’ve been someone who avoided facing new things. I like that I’ve been reminded of my roots through ‘The Second World.’ There are things you only learn after trying something new and there are people who grow like that.”

Mimi also shared her dream, saying, “One day, I’m going to build a house. After, I want to make a big work space. There, I will be with the precious people in my life. This is my ultimate goal. Anyone can build a house. However, I must become a good person for precious people to stay in my space, which helps me make up my mind to become a better person.”

When asked what kind of comments she wants to hear from others, Mimi wisely responded, “I like all kinds of comments. Even if it’s not praise, that’s okay. Because it will all become blood and flesh [meaning it will be useful]. I think that would be better than not hearing anything at all. Obviously, it would be great if people agree with my opinions and praise me. Comments like, ‘You’re pretty, you’re cool.’ But just like there is a shadow where there is light, I want to live well while accepting all kinds of words.”

Lastly, Mimi commented on her overarching dream, “I want the name Mimi to become an outstanding brand. There are a lot of things I want to do. Like an octopus, I want to dip my toe in various kinds of work and do well in all of them. Also, if I’m a good person, I trust that everyone will eventually recognize me. Someone who has a positive influence on everybody.”

Mimi is currently appearing on tvN’s “Earth Arcade” which airs on Fridays at 8:50 p.m. KST. The Oh My Girl member will also soon compete on JTBC’s “The Second World,” which premieres on August 30 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for “The Second World” here!

You can see more of Mimi’s interview and pictorial in Esquire Korea’s September issue!

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