Watch: Taecyeon, Jung Eun Ji, And Ha Seok Jin Go Up Against A Dangerous Murderer In Eerie

“Blind” has released an intense main teaser!

tvN’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Blind” is a mystery thriller that depicts the story of people who have unfairly become victims because they are ordinary and perpetrators who have closed their eyes to the uncomfortable truths. The story centers around detectives, judges, law school students, and jurors.

2PM’s Taecyeon plays Ryu Sung Joon, a violent crimes detective who is hell bent on catching criminals. Ha Seok Jin takes on the role of Ryu Sung Joon’s older brother Ryu Sung Hoon who is also a perfectionist judge. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji stars as the social worker Jo Eun Ki.

The intense teaser begins with Ryu Sung Joon sitting alone in a dark room as he warns, “A crazy dog is coming.” His comment overlaps with a scary scene of a woman getting dragged along the ground in the dark, previewing the start of a horrific serial killer case. The caption then reads, “A forgotten memory,” leaving viewers curious about who this “crazy dog” is that Ryu Sung Joon is referring to.

As the case continues, someone asks judge Ryu Sung Hoon, “Do you not trust your younger brother?” He coldly responds, “I do not trust anyone.” As even the two brothers are unable to trust each other, anticipation is rising to see how they’re both connected to the case and how they will be able to investigate together.

Also involved in the serial case is social worker Jo Eun Ki, as well as nine jurors. Although this group believes they’re solving the matter, the caption intriguingly states, “The real murder starts after the trial ends.” As if preparing to cast a spell on the jurors, the murderer eerily lines up dolls along with pictures of each juror.

Despite the obvious danger they are in, Jo Eun Ki actively dives into the case as she follows Ryu Sung Joon and comments, “I’ll help you with anything I’m able to do.” With Jo Eun Ki, Ryu Sung Joon, and Ryu Sung Hoon all having separate reasons for why they must catch the criminal, they are all equally determined to make sure the murderer is punished.

Check out the teaser below!

tvN’s “Blind” premieres on September 16 at 10:40 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jung Eun Ji in “Untouchable” below:

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