Shin Min Ah And Gong Hyo Jin Reflect On Their Sisterly Bond And Longtime Friendship, Taking On Unexpected Roles, And More

Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah look stunning in their pictorial for Vogue Korea!

Back in 2008, Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah starred in director Boo Ji Young’s film “Sisters on the Road” together. The remastered film will be screened at the Seoul International Women’s Film Festival, which kicks off today on August 25.

During the interview, Gong Hyo Jin shared, “When I was young, I thought easily of personal relationships. As I grew older, longtime friends became more precious. It feels like only yesterday that I saw Min Ah wearing a school uniform, and we still chat until our voices become hoarse. Above all, it’s a relief that both Min Ah and I are still working without having faced any big unfortunate incidents. I feel as if we held on well.”

The two actresses first met when Gong Hyo Jin was a high school senior and Shin Min Ah was in eight grade. Gong Hyo Jin revealed, “Min Ah was poised and mature for her age, so we became like [same-aged] friends.” Their first film together was also Shin Min Ah’s debut project “Volcano High” in 2001. When they reunited again eight years later through “Sisters on the Road,” both were popular stars in the limelight who were busy with numerous projects.

In the 2008 film, Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah star as sisters. Gong Hyo Jin joked, “I was so happy with the fact that I was sisters with Min Ah [in the film]. In the story, the sisters don’t have a great relationship, so I even worried if we should pretend not to be close on set.” Shin Min Ah added, “It’s great that it was a film we could shoot together. At the time, it was rare for female actresses to be leads together for a female director’s film.”

Gong Hyo Jin also reflected on the 2009 screening of her 1999 film “Memento Mori.” She shared, “I’m very nervous to rewatch movies that I filmed a long time ago. I can’t sit comfortably because [I’m worried that] I’ll notice parts that feel lacking. However, it’s a valuable [moment] because it might be the last chance I see it on the big screen. When ‘Sisters on the Road’ becomes re-released, I’m going to secretly go watch. I hope the viewers also don’t miss Min Ah’s prickly acting.”

Shin Min Ah explained that she took on the film at the time because she wanted to try various types of roles. The actress remarked, “It was a time when I had great passion for acting, and I wanted to show great and diverse sides of myself. Myung Eun of ‘Sisters on the Road’ was one of those roles.” At the time, Shin Min Ah had expressed her desire for the role of Myung Eun first, while the director had intended for Gong Hyo Jin to take on the role of the younger sister and an older actress to play the older sister who is a single mother. However, director Boo Ji Young changed her mind completely after meeting Shin Min Ah in person and seeing her sincere and passionate attitude toward acting. Gong Hyo Jin also expressed, “I was young, but I never hesitated because it was the role of a single mom. What mattered more was what kind of project it was.”

Gong Hyo Jin also explained that like the sisters in the film, the two real-life friends are both different yet close, mentioning that even their birthdays are just one day apart. She shared, “Because of our nostalgic memories, I want to rewatch the film soon.” Shin Min Ah concluded, “I want us to film another movie like this together.”

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