Red Velvet's Joy And Baek Sung Chul Are Best Friends Who Live In The Countryside In

“Once Upon a Small Town” shared a glimpse of the friendship between Red Velvet’s Joy and Baek Sung Chul!

The upcoming Kakao TV drama is based on a web novel of the same name and is about a man from Seoul meeting a policewoman while living in the countryside. Along with the love story of the two characters against the backdrop of fresh nature, the drama will depict the joys and sorrows of the pure and humane people of Heedong Village.

Joy plays the bright and lovely policewoman Ahn Ja Young, a Heedong Village native and a people person who gets along with everyone in town. If anything happens in Heedong Village, Ahn Ja Young will always show up and help resolve matters.

Chu Young Woo takes on the role of Han Ji Yool, a veterinarian from Seoul who wishes to get out of Heedong Village as soon as possible. After working in the city, Han Ji Yool finds himself in charge of an animal hospital in the countryside and starts having to look after large animals like cows and goats.

Baek Sung Chul stars as the young and handsome farm successor Lee Sang Hyun who represents all the youth of Heedong Village. Lee Sang Hyun is friendly with everyone but is often bickering with Ahn Ja Young, his best friend since birth.

The production team hinted that the blossoming romance between Ahn Ja Young and Han Ji Yool won’t be smooth as there is another man who is interested in her, which happens to be none other than her best friend Lee Sang Hyun. One of the key points to look forward to in the drama is the changing dynamics between the two long-time friends as he attempts to get rid of the “friend zone” between them.

The newly released stills capture the strong bond between Ahn Ja Young and Lee Sang Hyun as they depict “bestie chemistry.” In one photo, she gives him an earful after he has fallen in mud. Her “police officer” mode turns off when she’s not wearing her school uniform, and she confides in him like a normal young woman. Ahn Ja Young, who always takes of other people’s problems, depends on Lee Sang Hyun when she comes across her own troubles.

The production team commented, “More excitement will explode as Lee Sang Hyun, an unrealistic male friend who has everything from good looks to a reliable personality, tries to get rid of the friendship mode with Ahn Ja Young. Please look forward to the triangle romance that Lee Sang Hyun and Han Ji Yool, who make Heedong Village shine with their handsomeness, will create with Ahn Ja Young.”

“Once Upon a Small Town” will air on September 5 at 7 p.m. KST.

While you wait, check out Joy in “The One and Only” below!

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