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YGX dancer Park Hyunse, who is currently appearing on Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter,” has apologized for a video of himself dancing to NewJeans’ “Hype Boy.”

Earlier this week, Park Hyunse—who is a member of both YGX and another dance crew Loyal Chumps—came under fire for a now-deleted Instagram video in which he and three other members of Loyal Chumps danced to “Hype Boy” in a way that many perceived as mocking and offensive.

The title of the video, which used a pun combining NewJeans’ group name and the Korean slang word “jjindda” (meaning loser or outcast), also read: “NewJeanddas’ debut [was a] fail.”

Before the video was ultimately deleted, its pinned comment was an Instagram user complaining that it was offensive and not funny, with Park Hyunse responding directly to the comment, “Yep!”

However, with controversy over the video continuing to grow after its deletion, Park Hyunse took to Instagram on August 25 to release a formal apology.

In his apology, the dancer denied having had any intention of mocking either NewJeans or the choreographer of “Hype Boy,” BLACK.Q, who is also appearing on “Street Man Fighter” as a member of Team EO-DDAE.

Park Hyunse’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Hyunse. First, I’d like to say that I’m truly sorry.

I filmed NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” challenge in a playful way, and I had an overly sensitive reaction to the comments, so I made a thoughtless decision and responded in a way that was wrong. I’m ashamed at this situation of my having caused damage and hurt to many people through my personal actions.

There was no intention of mocking NewJeans, the choreographer of “Hype Boy,” or anyone else related to [the song] in the uploaded video. Also, I’d like to say that the “NewJeanddas” in the video’s title refers to the four of us, not anyone else. I sincerely apologize to NewJeans and the choreographer, whose feelings must have been hurt by this video, as well as NewJeans’ fans and anyone else who watched the video and frowned because of it.

I also truly apologize to the YGX members, who have suffered damages due to my thoughtless behavior; YGX’s fans; everyone involved in “Street Man Fighter”; and all of the other dancers. From now on, I will remain deeply aware of the fact that my personal affairs do not only affect me alone but also others, and I will be careful to prevent this kind of incident from occuring in the future. I’m sorry.

You can watch NewJeans’ original choreography for “Hype Boy” here.

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