2PM's Wooyoung Talks About How They Used To Fall Asleep On Stage + His Habit Of Paying For Fans' Meals

2PM’s Wooyoung shared a funny story from the group’s past promotions for their iconic 2009 hit “Heartbeat”!

On the August 28 episode of the SBS variety program, Wooyoung made a guest appearance as a special MC.

At one point during the show, host Seo Jang Hoon asked the singer, “I heard there was a time during 2PM’s promotions when the members were so tired that you all fell into a deep sleep on stage.”

Wooyoung responded by explaining, “It was back when we were promoting ‘Heartbeat.’ Our choreography for the song starts with all of us lying down on stage, but because we were so tired [from our busy schedule, we naturally fell asleep]. The song also starts with the sound of an actual heartbeat, so it’s not very stimulating. It kind of felt like a lullaby.”

“So we all needed to get up on our own, but there would be one person who kept lying down instead of getting up,” he went on with a laugh. “And we all took turns being that person. So we’d have to kick that member awake with our foot, saying, ‘Hyung! Hyung!’ like this. And we’d wake each other up while acting [to match the performance]. We took turns waking each other up like that.”

Wooyoung also spoke about one of his famous drinking habits, explaining that he gets particularly generous when he’s had a few drinks and then runs into a fan during a night out.

“There are times when someone passing by or someone from a different table will tell me, ‘I’m a fan,’ or ‘I used to be a member of your official fan club,'” said Wooyoung. “Then I can’t contain myself. That makes me so happy that I’ll immediately say, ‘Then I’ll pay for your meal.’ I start saying things like, ‘The bill for that table is on me.'”

He jokingly added as an afterthought, “Wow, I’ll be in big trouble if my parents see this.”

Watch the full episode of “My Little Old Boy” with English subtitles below!

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