Watch: Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, And Park Ji Hu Target Uhm Ki Joon In Unique Ways In Tense

tvN has unveiled a highlight teaser that gives an in-depth look at the main characters of “Little Women”!

“Little Women” is a drama about three sisters with a close bond who grew up in poverty. When they get swept up in a major incident, they are catapulted into a new world of money and power that is unlike anything they’ve known before – and wind up facing off against the wealthiest family in the nation.

The new highlight teaser introduces Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hu as the three sisters In Joo, In Kyung, and In Hye, who are each fighting for freedom in different ways. Uhm Ji Won, Uhm Ki Joon, and Jeon Chae Eun portray the picture-perfect wealthy family that they go up against.

At the start of the clip, the three sisters’ poverty struggles are highlighted as someone comments, “How high can the person at the very bottom rise?”

Kim Go Eun stars as the eldest sister Oh In Joo who wants to save her family. She firmly tells her youngest sister In Hye, “There are people who give you things. Because we look like we have nothing. If you take that flat-out, words like this will come back around. ‘They’re homeless. Pitiful.’ Do you think I’m going to leave you to hear those kinds of words too?”

When she gets into an argument with her middle sister In Kyung, Oh In Joo yells out, “Say stuff like that after you pay. Love is something you do with money. If you don’t have money, you have to endure things to this extent. I can endure it all, no matter the amount!”

Lastly, Oh In Joo dramatically comments, “I wanted to become someone like this. Someone who could protect their family with money.”

Nam Ji Hyun plays middle sister Oh In Kyung, a reporter who directly attacks Park Jae Sang (Uhm Ki Joon). Out of her desire to protect her family, she goes against Oh In Joo’s ambitions as she comments, “I’m someone who reports embezzlement, theft, and scams as crimes. I can’t possibly accept your decision.”

Park Ji Hu stars as the youngest sister Oh In Hye, who takes matters into her own hands in order to lessen the burden on her sisters. Although she’s trying to help by escaping on her own, Oh In Joo angrily catches Oh In Hye accepting money from Won Sang Ah (Uhm Ji Won), the mother of her wealthy classmate Hyo Rin (Jeon Chae Eun). Oh In Hye explains, “I don’t like you guys suffering because of me. There’s so much I have to learn. Hyo Rin’s mom said she would teach me everything. There’s nothing I can learn from you two.”

As Oh In Hye continues to hang out with Hyo Rin’s wealthy family and begins to infiltrate their home, her sister tells her, “In Hye, that’s a crime!” Oh In Hye states, “If I’m unable to escape from our family, I’ll eventually die.”

At work, Oh In Joo is introduced to the suspicious Choi Do Il, played by Wi Ha Joon. As they begin to work together, Oh In Joo asks worriedly, “If I don’t lie to the police, does that cause trouble to someone?” Choi Do Il responds, “In Joo, you are already in trouble.”

Choi Do Il further explains, “People who launder money put their life on the line to protect other people’s money. Do you not trust how preciously I will protect you?”

The plot thickens when Choi Do Il announces that their company has lost a slush fund of 70 billion won (approximately $51,960,790). He enlists the help of Oh In Joo and the two set off to solve the case without police involvement, due to the illegal activity associated with the funds. Oh In Kyung also teams up with her childhood best friend Ha Jong Ho (Kang Hoon) and the two elder sisters begin teasing each other’s love lives.

After, we’re introduced the Park Jae Sang and his wealthy family. As he gets closer to achieving his political dreams, he sits down with his wife Won Sang Ah and states, “We have a goal. We’ve decided to stand together at the highest peak.” His wife responds mysteriously, “Still, how could you do this to me?”

When Won Sang Ah departs to Singapore amidst an obvious rift with her husband, Oh In Joo comments, “Did you know? That rather than a crazy lady, Hyo Rin’s mom is more pitiful.” Choi Do Il replies nonchalantly, “I guess Hyo Rin’s mom put on another incredible acting performance.”

Oh In Joo confidently comments, “I saw all of it and I have no confidence that I can live while watching that person [Park Jae Sang] become president. Can’t we just get rid of all of them at once?” Choi Do Il tells her she could die in the process while Park Jae Sang orders, “Oh In Joo. Get rid of her.” Won Sang Ah whispers to her husband, “You have to promise me. That no matter what happens, you’ll protect me.”

Check out the intense teaser below!

“Little Women” premieres on September 3 at 9:10 p.m. KST. Watch another teaser here!

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