Watch: Jung Woo Reminds Lee Yoo Mi That It’s Okay To Fail In Teaser For New Drama “Mental Coach Jegal”

tvN’s upcoming drama “Mental Coach Jegal” has shared a new teaser!

“Mental Coach Jegal” is a sports drama about a former national athlete who quits sports after causing a scandal and becomes a mental coach to help both former professional athletes who have retired and current athletes who have fallen into a slump.

Jung Woo stars as former national Taekwondo athlete Jegal Gil who later becomes a mental coach at the athlete’s village. After he causes an unprecedented accident in the village during his athlete days, Jegal Gil is permanently expelled and coined the unlucky Taekwondo prodigy.

Lee Yoo Mi stars as Cha Ga Eul, a short track speed skating gold medalist who’s fallen into a slump. After they meet, Jegal Gil and Cha Ga Eul help each other face their inner wounds and reach turning points in their lives in the process.

The new teaser begins with Cha Ga Eul asking Jegal Gil, “Who are you?” and he replies, “I’m the national team’s mental coach.” Voices in the background say, “Jegal Gil has returned!” “I heard you’ve become a mental coach?” indicating a period of inactivity in his career.

The clip then previews Cha Ga Eul slipping on ice over and over again during practice. Jegal Gil, who was looking at her the whole time, says, “Don’t push yourself too hard.” In the following scene, Cha Ga Eul says with a sulky face, “That’s how you become a loser.”

Another clip previews Jegal Gil and Cha Ga Eul sitting together somewhere outside at night. Jegal Gil puts his jacket over Cha Ga Eul’s shoulders and says, “Winning and losing are not the only things in life.” The following scene shows Cha Ga Eul dancing and having fun at a boxing academy, hinting that she has taken Jegal Gil’s advice. The teaser comes to an end with Jegal Gil saying, “Remember, you have the right to fail.”

Check out the teaser here!

“Mental Coach Jegal” will premiere on September 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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