Heo Dong Won is tying the knot!

On September 2, the actor—who recently starred in the hit film “The Roundup” (“The Outlaws 2”)—took to Instagram to personally announce that he was engaged to be married.

In addition to sharing a beautiful photo from his wedding shoot, Heo Dong Won posted the following statement:

Hello, this is Heo Dong Won.

Thank you for always cheering me on and taking an interest in me.

I should have been the one to personally announce this good news first, before anyone else, so I’m sorry that you had to find out through news reports instead.

I’m going to be married next year.
Since there’s still a lot of time left [until the wedding], I do feel a bit wary of making this announcement so early, but I’d be happy if you sent us your warm-hearted interest and support.

My parents always worried that I’d bring home the precious daughter of another family and make her suffer, but I’ve met someone who is voluntarily signing up for that suffering.

I ask that you cheer on both myself, who will become the husband of a beautiful family, and my bride-to-be, who will become the most precious friend of my life. 

As an actor who always does his best on the filming set with a sincere heart, I will work hard to bring you delight, happiness, and laughter through my acting, a job that I truly love.

I will always try to approach you with positive energy, without forgetting my initial mindset from the beginning of my career.

Finally, I pray that all of you will be healthy and happy, and I will never forget my gratitude and thankfulness [towards you all] as I live my life.

Thank you.

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Congratulations to the happy couple!

Watch Heo Dong Won in “The Roundup” with subtitles below:

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