LOONA’s Haseul To Sit Out Europe Tour Due To Injury

LOONA’s Haseul will be sitting out the group’s upcoming European tour.

On September 6, both MyMusicTaste and Blockberry Creative officially announced that Haseul would not be participating in the European leg of LOONA’s first world tour “LOONATHEWORLD” due to her worsening shoulder injury.

Although Haseul had previously been advised by medical professionals that she needed to rest due to her injured shoulder, she initially traveled to Europe with the rest of the group out of the desire to continue performing on tour. However, due to her ongoing pain and the worsening condition of her shoulder, it has ultimately been decided that she will not be joining her bandmates on stage in Europe.

MyMusicTaste’s full English statement is as follows:

We regret to announce that LOONA member Haseul will not be able to take part in the Europe leg of the tour.

Despite her ongoing shoulder injury and advice from the medical team to take a break, Haseul has been looking forward to meeting the fans in Europe and made the decision to head to Warsaw with the other members on the 4th to take part in the next leg of the tour.

However, her shoulder pains have been consistent and rather than continuing on the Europe tour with a worsening shoulder injury, her health and treatment are a priority so it has been decided that it will be difficult for her to participate in the Europe tour.

Haseul will be taking the time to rest and recover so that she can meet Orbit again in good health.

Please send Haseul your love and support as she focuses on resting for a full recovery.

Once again, we understand that all the European fans in each of the five cities (Warsaw, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, and London) have been excitedly waiting for LOONA and we ask for your kind understanding.

Thank you.

A few days ago, Blockberry Creative also announced that Choerry would be sitting out LOONA’s upcoming European tour due to health concerns.

Wishing both Haseul and Choerry the speediest of recoveries!

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