“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Joo Jong Hyuk will be making his first-ever variety show appearance on SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”!

On September 11, the popular variety program aired a sneak peek of its upcoming episode, which will feature Joo Jong Hyuk as a special MC.

The newly released preview begins with host Seo Jang Hoon pointing out that this is the first variety show appearance of Joo Jong Hyuk’s entire life. Shin Dong Yup then asks him what it’s like seeing the panel of celebrity moms in person, and the actor sweetly replies, “I’ve seen people say before that [the moms] are more beautiful in person, and it’s true. You’re all very pretty.”

Shin Dong Yup exclaims with a laugh, “Oh, you’re good!” Referring to the nickname of his character in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Joo Jong Hyuk jokingly responds, “This is what we call ‘Tactician Kwon.'”

Shin Dong Yup then asks the actor, “I heard that whenever you get nervous, you perform a sort of hypnosis on yourself.” Joo Jong Hyuk confirms, “[I tell myself,] ‘I’m GD.'”

However, when Seo Jang Hoon asks him to demonstrate, Joo Jong Hyuk cracks everyone up by joking that there’s no need because he doesn’t feel all that nervous. “I feel more comfortable than I’d expected,” he says with a laugh.

Later, the MCs and panelists watch footage of Kim Jong Min saying he’s heard that if you eat a certain flavor of ice cream, the crown of your head will end up smelling like that flavor. As the cast members test it out for themselves, Joo Jong Hyuk surprises everyone by suddenly getting up from his seat to sniff the crown of Shin Dong Yup’s head. He then declares, “It smells like roses.”

Joo Jong Hyuk’s episode of “My Little Old Boy” will air on September 18 at 9:05 p.m. KST. Check out the full preview below!

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