3 Reasons You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Lee Seung Gi And Lee Se Young’s New Rom-Com “The Law Cafe”

Just two episodes into its run, KBS 2TV’s new drama “The Law Cafe” is already stealing viewers’ hearts!

Based on the hit web novel of the same name, “The Law Cafe” is a romantic comedy starring Lee Seung Gi as Kim Jung Ho, a genius former prosecutor-turned-libertine landlord, and Lee Se Young as Kim Yu Ri, the eccentric lawyer that becomes his new tenant when she opens a “law cafe” in his building. Notably, the series marks the highly-anticipated reunion of Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young, who starred in the hit drama “Hwayugi” together four years ago.


Here are three reasons you won’t want to miss out on this fun new show:

1. A legal drama that takes place outside the courtroom

One key thing that sets “The Law Cafe” apart from other legal dramas is that, with the exception of Kim Yu Ri’s final case in Episode 1, its legal battles will take place outside the courtroom.

Dramas that revolve around the law are typically set in law firms or courtrooms, but “The Law Cafe” is set in a cafe instead—leaving behind those formal, stifling settings for a cheerful, relaxed environment that most viewers will find far more familiar. Also, the cases taken on by Kim Yu Ri will involve legal issues that are hidden in our own everyday lives, adding a healthy dose of realism and accessibility to the weighty subject matter of law.

2. Smart use of clichés

The original web novel on which “The Law Cafe” is based features a number of time-tested tropes, including “friends-to-lovers,” “longtime unrequited love,” “romantic tension disguised as bickering,” and more.

While these formulas may be all too familiar to viewers, they are also beloved for a reason—and their use in the drama already has viewers rooting passionately for the lead couple.

However, even as “The Law Cafe” incorporates these kinds of clichés, there are already hints that things may not go exactly as viewers expect. One big twist in Episode 1 was that Kim Jung Ho and Kim Yu Ri had already dated in the past, while Episode 2 caught viewers off guard when a romantic near-kiss on the hand suddenly turned into Kim Jung Ho biting Kim Yu Ri instead. As the drama balances familiar tropes with unpredictable twists, the story is certain to keep viewers on their toes.

3. New and refreshing takes on the pursuit of justice

In just two episodes, Kim Yu Ri and Kim Jung Ho have already presented new, outside-the-box methods of devoting their lives to justice. Breaking preconceptions about the ways in which a lawyer can best protect their clients, Kim Yu Ri boldly suggested that the best way a lawyer could help someone was by solving their problem before they ever wound up in court.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Ho was revealed to have been pursuing justice in another, entirely unexpected way. While it appeared that he was idling his days away after leaving his legal career behind, he turned out to be secretly writing a web novel exposing the corruption at Dohan Construction.

The third episode of “The Law Cafe” will air on September 12 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up on the first two episodes of the drama with subtitles below!

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