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Young Actors’ Retreat” is the star-studded new variety show featuring the main cast of hit K-dramas “Itaewon Class,” “Love in the Moonlight,” and “The Sound of Magic.” Seeing this massive star power in one screen at once was almost too much to handle! Here are eight moments from episodes one and two that really had fans excited for the show.

1. Seeing Park Seo Joon continually fail to remember what to say

When all the cast groups gather in one place, it is no time at all before the producers put them to work. They each pull colors out of a box which reveal which team they will be in. This makes most of the actors pretty nervous about being split up from their friends, but it also proves to be hilarious content.

While Park Seo Joon’s teammates are rather competitive and eager to win the game, Park Seo Joon continually seems to ruin it for the team. He constantly forgets what to say when it is his turn to answer, and sometimes just draws a complete blank. It is adorable to see him being put on the spot and in the spotlight despite not wanting it!

2. Watching Ji Chang Wook feel confused and overwhelmed

When the show begins, there is a designated team lead who is basically the leader of the entire cast of the drama. Kim Yoo Jung is given the role of team lead for her “Love in the Moonlight” cast, Park Seo Joon is the team lead for the cast of “Itaewon Class,” and Ji Chang Wook is the team lead for “The Sound of Magic” cast. All of the leaders must find their other cast members by going to various filming sites from their respective K-dramas. Ji Chang Wook seems overwhelmed and lacks the confidence to find his team. He also faces a lot of situations where he’s depleted of energy. It’s adorable to see, and he was rather quick at finding his friends!

3. Seeing Kwon Nara meet Choi Sung Eun

When Ji Chang Wook is driving the cast of “The Sound of Music” to the retreat location, he mentions to Choi Sung Eun that Kwon Nara had told him that she would love to meet Choi Sung Eun and that she is a dear fan. Choi Sung Eun is touched at the comment and is seen smiling. Needless to say, their meeting is very sweet, and you can see how nervous and excited Kwon Nara is! She even tells Choi Sung Eun that she’s very pretty. Looking forward to seeing this sis-mance blossom!

4. Ji Chang Wook wondering why Hwang In Yeop told Seo Hyun Jin that he asked for advice

While on the way to the retreat location, Hwang In Yeop ends up taking over the role of driving for Ji Chang Wook. While they are talking, Hwang In Yeop reveals that he has been nervous while filming for his new drama (which was “Why Her” at the time). He mentions that he told his co-star Seo Hyun Jin that he asked Ji Chang Wook for acting advice, particularly for the emotional scenes. Ji Chang Wook is flabbergasted that Hwang In Yeop would tell that to Seo Hyun Jin. Ji Hye Won and Kim Bo Yoon are in the back seat of the car, and they can’t help but laugh. It was adorable seeing them all interact with each other!

5. Kwak Dong Yeon dominating in the games

Probably one of the most impressive moments of the first two episodes was seeing how amazing Kwak Dong Yeon was at the quiz. Kim Yoo Jung explained various clues to Chae Soo Bin and Kwak Dong Yeon, in which they had to guess what the answer was in correlation to their K-drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.” Kwak Dong Yeon hardly missed a beat, and he answered all of the questions. Furthermore, when he was given the opportunity to win some money for his team, Kwak Dong Yeon made more than enough for all his friends to eat. He has some serious luck and game!

6. Park Bo Gum popping out from behind a tree

It was revealed early on in the show that Park Bo Gum couldn’t make it to the filming of the show on time, as the plane he was in could not land on time. His fellow cast mates were visibly sad and kept asking if his plane had landed yet. The film crew kept responding that it hadn’t landed, but when they got to the retreat location, Park Bo Gum jumped out from behind a tree. Needless to say, the cast wasn’t the only ones who were surprised and happy to see him!

How cute was it seeing him inhale all those watermelon slices?!

7. The total awkwardness of all the actors interacting

When the actors are forced to step out of their comfort zones and mingle with people outside of their K-drama cast, it becomes incredibly awkward. Their first task in their new groups is to come up with a team name. Some of the groups sit in complete silence before saying anything, which was pretty awesome to see. As K-drama fans, it’s not every day that we get to see actors in uncomfortable situations.

8. Seeing Ryu Kyung Soo being so nervous and introverted

One of the surprising highlights of the first two episodes was how hilariously shy Ryu Kyung Soo was. It’s really fun seeing the “Itaewon Class” cast poke fun at him, and it’s even more adorable to see how nervous he got when driving. He was so nervous that while he was driving, he missed the exit not once, not twice, but three times. His charm already shines so brightly in the series; hopefully we can see more of his personality in the upcoming episodes!

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