9 Wholesome K-Pop Songs That Parents Can Also Appreciate

K-pop understands listeners of all ages! Besides the great beats and cool choreography, the messages behind the songs can touch kids and parents alike with positivity and nostalgic vibes. They encourage self-esteem and remind K-pop fans of first loves. In no particular order, here are some songs parents and children would both love:

GOT7 – “Just Right”

The boy group added the right amount of hip hop and dance ingredients to create the song “Just Right.” Parents have to love this single because of the positive message, celebrating beauty in everyone by encouraging healthy self-esteem. Parents want their children to love the skin they are in and be uplifted themselves. It’s such a great song for people of all ages and backgrounds!


The lyrics in ASTRO’s bubbly debut track make a comparison to the childhood game of hide and seek. Fitting for how young the members were at the time, the song’s lyrics and melody are really adorable. It’s great to listen to for fans of all ages!

AKMU – “200%”

This song with a pop vibe is sure to make everyone get up and dance! Parents will love the wholesome theme of unrequited love in the music video and the lyrics about having a crush on someone. Puppy love is the main focus, and it’s impossible not to love the catchy words and appealing beat!

Lee Suhyun – “ALIEN”

“ALIEN” is all about a mom telling her daughter that she is unique and special, which is the perfect song for parents to love! The empowering track encourages listeners to love themselves the way they are. This is Lee Suhyun’s first single as a solo artist and a great dance and pop song for families!

Seo In Guk – “Love U”

Early in his career, Seo In Guk was a pop king with dance singles everyone loved! He brought joy to the K-pop industry with his happy songs about having an innocent crush on someone. “Love U” was one of those songs about his love and devotion to a special person. Parents will approve of this delightful song that reminds listeners of charming Broadway musicals. His vocals and dancing are stellar!

IU – “marshmallow”

In the early years of IU’s career, she gave fans the warmest hug in the form of a song. In “marshmallow,” she compared her naive love to the sweet treat, and even parents can adore the upbeat pop track. It’s fun, dance-worthy, and reminiscent of beloved teenage musical films.

Also watch IU in “My Mister” below:

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miss A  – “I don’t need a man”

In this song, miss A encourages girls to take pride in themselves and their accomplishments with the line “I don’t need a man.” Parents can appreciate the complete independence the song promotes. The dance track has just enough R&B flair to attract fans who appreciate the genre, and the song supplies good rapping and sassy singing.

Jeon Somi – “What You Waiting For”

This dance and electronica song is about the waiting for a crush to finally make the first move in a relationship. “What You Waiting For” draws you in from the very first listen. Older generations may love the musical arrangement that could remind them of their days of young love. The song does an amazing job of showing Jeon Somi’s growing maturity in her music career as well.

SHINee – “Marry You”

After “Replay” and “Love Sick,” SHINee finally dedicated a proposal song to the fictional older women of their dreams. The electronic track is beyond a doubt the type of music SHINee is loved for. Listeners of all ages will appreciate the upbeat music, lyrics, and SHINee’s harmony.  SHINee’s music brings so much happiness!

Which K-pop songs do you enjoy listening to with your families? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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