THE BOYZ Shares Updates On Eric And Sunwoo’s Health + Announces Their Imminent Returns

THE BOYZ’s Eric and Sunwoo will soon be returning from their hiatuses!

Earlier this year in March, THE BOYZ’s agency IST Entertainment announced Eric’s hiatus so he could get sufficient rest amid health concerns. Late last month, the agency additionally announced that Sunwoo would temporarily halt activities to focus on his health.

On September 16, IST Entertainment, released the following statement on the group’s official fan café to update fans on the members’ health and announce that they will soon be rejoining group activities:

Hello. This is IST Entertainment.

First, we want to sincerely thank fans who love and support THE BOYZ. This announcement is with regards to THE BOYZ members Eric and Sunwoo’s future activities.

After halting activities this past March for health reasons, Eric had a period of rest at home in the United States. He recently returned to Korea and is working towards condition recovery while watching over his progress.
Additionally, after discussing with the artist himself, we decided that there will no strain in preparing for his return, so we plan to speed up preparations for his return for the next album and promotions.
We will do everything we can so that Eric can greet fans who have waited for a long time with healthy and bright energy and we ask for your unchanging support of Eric.

With regards to THE BOYZ member Sunwoo, during his temporary hiatus, he took time to rest and focus on recovery.
In accordance with the artist’s opinion and after sufficient discussion between the agency and the members, we announce that [Sunwoo] plans to join upcoming activities.

We plan to announce their participation in future official activities through the schedule on our official home page and we will do our best so that THE BOYZ can greet you as 11 members as soon as possible.

Once again, we thank fans for their concern and support.

Thank you.

At the end of September, THE BOYZ is scheduled to perform at the first-ever KCON event in Saudi Arabia.

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